The Brand Ambassador Contract is a legal agreement between a company (the “Brand”) and an individual or entity (the “Ambassador”) who is hired to represent and promote the brand’s products or services. This contract establishes the terms and conditions of the brand ambassador relationship, including the ambassador’s responsibilities, compensation, and expectations.

A brand ambassador is a person who is hired by a company or organization to represent and promote their brand to the public. The primary role of a brand ambassador is to create a positive image of the brand by communicating its values, messaging, and product or service offerings to a targeted audience. This contract is perfect for brands of all sizes to secure the services of an Influencer, Athlete, or just about anyone that can have an influence on the target demographic. This covers appearances, social media postings, travel, post approvals, brand exclusivity, etc. If your deal does not include all of that, these clauses can be easily removed in our full open editor.

Ultimately, the goal of a brand ambassador is to increase brand awareness, drive sales, and build a loyal following of customers who trust and support the brand.

This Brand ambassador template covers the essential elements of the relationship such as:

  • Term of Service
  • Ownership Rights
  • Release Date
  • Use Rights
  • And More.

Having the right deal in place is essential to protecting you and your business. Without the right contract in place, you can expose yourself, your business, and your brand.  Reduce the risk of future problems with this Agreement.

Creating a content creator contract ensures that the parties making the agreement will have all the proper terms and conditions laid out in advance of the engagement.

Creators Legal is the fastest and easiest way to create professional contracts for your podcast. All our templates have been built by legal professionals to ensure that the contract aligns with applicable laws and regulations and protects the rights and interests of both parties involved.

Other names for this Document:

Brand Ambassador Agreement, Social Media Brand Ambassador Contract, Brand Ambassador Contract Template, Brand Ambassador Contract, Brand Ambassador Social Media Agreement, Social Media Brand Ambassador Contract Template, Brand Ambassador Contract Example.

Approximate time to complete contract:  6-7 Minutes

It is an industry-standard contract that covers all of the essential terms and conditions.

Single-Use Contract Unless Purchased with a Subscription

What is it?

The Brand Ambassador Contract covers the essential contract terms between a Brand and the Content Creator.

This standard Content Creator contract covers:

  • The Start Date of the Agreement
  • The Use Rights of the Recording, including promotion and advertising rights.
  • The Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties
  • Work-For-Hire Language
  • The transfer of intellectual property rights
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Issues, including Venue & Choice of Law

How does it work?

Use this document to explain the relationship between a Content Creator and a Brand.

Some things needed to build your custom Brand Ambassador Contract:

  • Names of the Parties
  • Addresses of the Parties
  • Emails of the Parties
  • State for Venue and Choice Provisions

Once you have completed drafting the Brand Ambassador Contract, you will be able to save it to edit further, download a PDF or send it to the other party for electronic signature.

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