The Film Crew Contract can be used for any below-the-line crew, such as grips, additional camera, crew support, or just about anything. It is written as a non-union, work-for-hire, independent contractor agreement. This is a legal document that details the terms and conditions between the Production Company and the Contractor.

Creating a contract ensures that the parties making the agreement will have all the proper terms and conditions laid out in advance of the engagement. This contract is designed for use between the Film Production Company and any freelance Crew and covers the essential elements of the relationship, such as:

This Creators Legal contract lets you build your contract through the guided form builder and can also be fully edited in our Word style editor.

Other names for this Document:

Film Crew Agreement, Freelance Crew Contractor Agreement, Freelance Crew Contractor Contract, Film Freelance Crew Agreement, Film Crew Contract Template, Crew Agreement, Crew Contract, Film Crew Contract, Film Crew Agreement Template.

Approximate time to complete contract:  6-7 Minutes

Single-Use Contract Unless Purchased with a Subscription

What is it?

The Film Crew Contract covers the essential contract terms between the Film Production Company and any freelance Crew:

This standard Film contract covers:

  • The Start Date of the Agreement
  • The name of the Film Production
  • The Release of Rights
  • The Use Rights of the Recording, including promotion and advertising rights.
  • The Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties
  • Work-For-Hire Language
  • The transfer of intellectual property rights
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Issues, including Venue & Choice of Law

How does it work?

Use this document to explain the relationship between the Film Production Company and any freelance Crew:

Some things needed to build your custom Film Crew Contract:

  • Names of the Parties
  • Addresses of the Parties
  • Emails of the Parties
  • Name of the Film Production
  • Dates of Recording
  • State for Venue and Choice Provisions

Once you have completed drafting the Film Crew Contract, you will be able to save to edit further, download a PDF or send to the other party for electronic signature.