Ghost Writer Agreement

Hiring a Ghostwriter for a fiction or non-fiction book?  You will need the right contract.

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What Is It?

This Agreement is between a Ghostwriter and an Author for a work-for-hire book.  It is a core contract in the Self-Publishing and Literary world.  This agreement covers all essential terms and conditions including payment, manuscript length, approvals, and revisions.  Can be customized for almost any situation.

Why You Need It

Self-publishing is one of the fastest-growing creative industries coming in at over $2 billion dollars annually. But before you get started on your novel, memoir, or business book, it’s important to protect yourself by getting the right contracts. Protect yourself with the right literary and self-publishing contracts.

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Packages You May Need:

Self-Publishing Package
The Self-Publishing Package is a curated and tailored package of book contracts specific to Self-Published Authors and/or Ghostwriters.  Covers all essential contracts to go from the idea to the bookstore shelf. All Contracts in Package are Single Use.

Price $66.00

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