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Looking to hire an actor for your stageplay? The Live Theater Actor Agreement is the perfect way to hire an actor for your production. This agreement includes all the necessary terms and conditions that will protect both parties during their time together on set.

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What Is It?

The Live Theater Actor Agreement has all the elements for you to secure the proper rights, full schedule, compensation, actor roles, and responsibilities. It even includes when to show up at the theater!

Why Do You Need It?

The power of theatre lies in its capacity to connect the audience directly with the onstage actors through a single shared experience. Success here can make or break an actor’s reputation just as an improper contract can derail an entire production. With this agreement in place, you can rest easy knowing that all of your bases are covered when it comes to casting and hiring an actor for your play.

With Every Creators' Legal Live Theater Contract, You Can

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  • Organize and Store All Your Contracts in Your Own Project Briefcase!

  • Stop Wasting Time With the Legal Wrangling and Get Back to the Stage!

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