About Us

A team of former entertainment lawyers, execs and creatives dedicated to empowering creators.

Our Mission:

Changing the way creators
get legal so they can build
their business and keep

We believe art and creation is the essence of any great society.

We also believe that everyone should have access to easy to use, industry standard contracts. We believe in the democratization of the content creator industry.

We saw how getting projects protected easily was a growing impediment to content creators. Before Creators Legal industry standard contracts were only available to those that could afford highly specialized attorneys.

We want to level the playing field and make sure all creators have access to the right documents and help them to do what they do best – Create beautiful content for the world to enjoy. Creators’ Legal so you can Create with Confidence.

Meet the Team


Eric Farber

Founder and CEO
The Creators Team

Phil Alberstat

Co-Founder and COO
The Creators Team

Virginia Longmuir

General Counsel, SVP Product

The Creators Team

James Lee

User Experience/Design

The Creators Team

Frida Ruiseco

Product Manager

The Creators Team

Laura Tinoco

Design Manager

The Creators Team

Isabel Pacileo

Product Assistant