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Simple, Straightforward and Trustworthy Contracts for Creatives in an Easy-to-Use Fully Integrated System. 200+ Customizable Legal Contracts Built Just for the Creator Economy!

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“An Entertainment Lawyer in a Box”

Thousands of Contracts Built in Our Fully Integrated
System By Creators Just Like You

As Easy As…

1. Find Your Contract

Choose from 200+ ready-made Templates all drafted by entertainment and media lawyers

2. Edit & Customize

Answer some questions and fully customize your contracts to fit your needs

3. Send, Download & Store​

Send your contract for Dropbox_sign-logo cropped E-signature, download a PDF, organize, track and keep it in your own Dashboard



Contracts and Legal for Creators, Brands & Entreprenuers

The Creative Industry Has Changed. The walls of distribution are down. Creatives can finally create and monetize their work without going through distributors. Until now, Creators haven’t had access to the types of specialized contracts that are only available from expensive lawyers.
“Creators Legal Changes the Game for All Creators”

Fast, Easy and Simple!

More than Templates, Creators Legal Helps You Manage the Deal Journey from Contract Draft to Signatures to Secure Storage and Organization.

Trusted by Creators with 100% Lawyer Drafted Contracts

Highly specialized, but incredibly easy to use contracts, all drafted by entertainment and media lawyers for you to use in your creative work.

Fast, Simple & Secure

Our Guided Formbuilder and Word Style Editor is everything you need to build fully customized contracts in minutes. Personalize your contracts with your logo for a professional look and feel. Most contracts can be completed in less than 6 minutes!

Secure and Legally Binding eSignatures in Minutes or Download the PDF

Our secure eSignature system, powered by Dropbox_sign-logo cropped gives you legally binding contracts done in minutes. You can also track views, opens and see exactly when signed in your own dashboard (included with any contract). You can also download in PDF for physical signature. You can also send to the other party or team members for review prior to signing.

No More Messy Folders, Keep All Your Projects Organized and Secure!​

The Project Briefcase stores all your drafts, purchased and signed contracts in a free and secure environment. Access anytime on all your devices.

Creators Love Us!

Intuitive, Very Easy to Use.

Logan Heilman


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Driss Affany


I found Creators Legal very helpful and easy to use, that’s why I subscribed for the year. I picked a contract, used the form builder then switched to the Full Editor feature to modify/add certain things that pertain to us.

Invictus Barber Shop


I loved the fact that I could find legal agreements for all marketing areas: podcast, social media, photography and more in one place! The annual subscription is worthy because I have access to all templates. The interface is also user friendly and very easy to use!

Saul Corona


Easy to use templates, and I like that I can quickly jump on here and send out contracts as I need them. I’ve used single contracts but it’s worth getting the subscription if you’re signing contracts regularly. Better than copy/pasting contracts as I was doing before.

Bill Corcoran Jr


I discovered Creators’ Legal and I just got to say they are just phenomenal, the platform is great, its really helped my podcast in terms of contracts, monetization and other content creators. Overall super friendly.

Corny Dads Podcast


This Product is Awesome! It allow me to opportunity to protect our brand with the proper legal language.

Dane Rivmor


It’s definitely been the most help I have ever had for legal stuff and at a super affordable price. Reviewing their contracts made me realize many things that I was not taking into account and that, in the long run, would hurt me in my business.

Valerie Trevino


An amazing platform to create all your contracts without hiring an attorney.

Ron Welty
fr. Drummer of The Offspring


Creators Legal makes collaborating easy, don’t have to worry that things aren’t taken care of.

Arianna Jacchia
Co-founder & ceo, Petswapp


Creators Legal makes me feel protected and allows me to grow my content without expensive lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Creators Legal is the first and only legal platform for content creators. We provide creators with simple, straightforward, and trustworthy contracts in a fully easy-to-use platform. With a powerful form builder, a secure e-signature system, and your own personalized dashboard to store and organize all your contracts, you can get yourself protected in minutes without the need for expensive lawyers! With our e-Signature system, you can get them signed in minutes. The Project Briefcase is to help track all your contracts and keep them organized. We are here to help creators of all kinds to build their businesses.


We have single-use contracts, bundled packages and a full subscription.  Our single-use contracts start at $19 and bundled packages start at $39.  Our subscriptions are $40 for a month-to-month subscription or you can get an annual subscription for $9/month if you pay annually in advance.  

Yes, you can trust these agreements.  Many of these agreements have been used in the past by attorneys in the entertainment business.  We have then had them researched and drafted for use for general circumstances in a specific area of the arts and entertainment business. 

No, we do not provide legal advice.  We are not a lawyer nor a law firm and cannot give legal advice. If you feel your matter requires more attention, you may want to consider seeking the advice of an attorney.

Of course, please do!  We want feedback, how are we doing?  How can we do better?  We want to be the #1 resource for the Creator Community, suggestions, additions are welcomed at Creators’ Legal.  Let’s build this community together!  Drop us a line here.

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