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Documentary Feature Editor Agreement

Documentary Feature Editor Agreement to hire a documentary feature or film editor for your Document Project.

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What Is It?

The Documentary Feature Editor Agreement is specifically designed for documentary feature or film producers to hire an editor for a documentary project. This Agreement contains all the essential terms and conditions including compensation, term, rights transfers, and more.  Running a documentary is very different than a scripted story and needs specialized contractural terms.

This Agreement is specific to Documentary Feature projects whether for Film or Broadcast.  For episodic documentaries, please see the Episodic Documentary Editor Agreement.

Also known as a Documentary Film Editor Agreement, Documentary Contract for Editor, Documentary Film Editor Template

Why You Need It

Having the right deal in place is essential to protecting you and your production. Without the right contract in place, you can expose yourself, your company, and your film.  For films, it is essential to document every deal properly to have a clean chain-of-title for distribution or acquisition. The right contract not only secures rights in the correct way, but it also helps create better relationships with all those on your production. A good contract aligns people so they can know their rights, responsibilities, duties, and obligations from the beginning.

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