The Art Gallery Consignment Agreement is specialized to offer the Artist’s work for sale in the gallery under a consignment and commission agreement. The artist provides the gallery art at no cost and, in exchange, the gallery agrees to sell the art for a commission.
This contract is a legal document that details the terms and conditions between a Gallery and an Artist.

It covers the essential elements of the relationship such as:

  • Ownership Rights
  • Gallery’s Commission
  • Representations and Warranties
  • Use Rights
  • And More.

Too few galleries and artists protect their rights with the proper contracts. Contracts not only outline the rights, duties, and obligations of the parties but they help build strong relationships as everyone knows what is expected of them.

Creating a contract ensures that the parties making the agreement will have all the proper terms and conditions laid out in advance of the engagement.

Other names for this Document:

Artist-Gallery Consignment Agreement, Art Gallery Consignment ContractArt Consignment Agreement, Art Consignment Contract, Art Gallery Consignment Agreement Template.

Approximate time to complete contract:  4-5 Minutes
Single-Use Contract Unless Purchased with a Subscription

What is it?

The Art Gallery Consignment Agreement covers the essential contract terms between The Gallery and an Artist:
This standard Artists and Galleries Contract covers:

  • The Start Date of the Agreement
  • The Release of Rights by the Owner
  • The Use Rights of the Art
  • The Rights and Responsibilities of the Parties
  • Work-For-Hire Language
  •  Alternative Dispute Resolution Issues, including Venue & Choice of Law

How does it work?

Use this document to explain the relationship between The Gallery and an Artist:
Some things needed to build your custom the Art Gallery Consignment Agreement:


  • Names of the Parties
  • Addresses of the Parties
  • Emails of the Parties
  • Use Rights
  • State for Venue and Choice Provisions

Once you have completed drafting the Art Gallery Consignment Agreement, you will be able to save to edit further, download a PDF or send to the other party for electronic signature.