NFT Contracts

NFT Contracts

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are crypto assets stored on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. The marketplace for NFTs has taken root over the past few years and has grown into a multi-billion industry.  NFTs, like other creative works, require contracts and agreements to develop the final product.  Currently, NFTs markets are focused on collectibles of art and other digital items offered in an NFT Digital form. Good NFTs Creators are focused on building communities through places like Twitter, Discord, and Twitch.

Creators Legal NFTs category is focused on NFT agreements for the development of these digital form products by either Artists or NFTs Creators.

Our contracts include the licensing or purchase of Artwork and licensing of intellectual property for use in an NFT. Because NFTs center around communities through platforms like Twitch and Discord, we have included a Community Manager NFT Agreement.  We also launched an NFT Brand Ambassador agreement.

As the NFTs marketplaces and use cases grow, Creators’ Legal’s offerings in the NFT space will continue to grow.

How to Use Our Creators Legal Documents

Creators Legal Contract Templates can be purchased as a Single-Use Contract, Within a Package, or by Unlimited Use Subscription.  All Contracts are easily built and edited through our professional digital form builder and then sent to the parties for signature.  Most contracts take less than 6 minutes to build. Our Signature System is powered by HelloSign.  Completed contracts can also be downloaded as a PDF.

All contracts are stored in your own personalized Project Briefcase where you can store and access all of your purchased contracts and even track the progress of the signatures.

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Why Do Creators Need Contracts?

NFT Illustration
NFT Icon NFTs (Non-Fungibles Token) Package
The NFTs (Non-Fungibles Token) Package covers all the essential contracts to get the digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items, and videos. All Contracts in the Package are Single Use.
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    NFT Digital Art Commission Agreement
    NFT Digital Art Commission Agreement between an NFT Producer and an NFT Artist to create art suitable for NFT marketplace distribution.


    NFT Developer Agreement
    NFT Developer Agreement for Artist to hire a Developer to assist in the creation and deployment of Artists work.


    NFT Digital Art Purchase Agreement
    The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Digital Art Purchase between an Artist and an NFT entrepreneur to license or purchase Artwork for an NFT.


    NFT Icon NFT Intellectual Property License Agreement
    The NFT Intellectual Property License Agreement is a legal document between the Owner of intellectual property and an NFT Licensee to license the right to create non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) derived from photography, a film, a song, a piece of music or any other type of item.


    NFT Icon NFT Community Manager Agreement
    NFT Community Manager to hire a manager for Social Media, Discord, Twitch or any other place the NFT Community needs growth and engagement.


    NFT Icon NFT Brand Ambassador Agreement
    NFT Brand Ambassador Agreement between NFT Developer or Brand and a Celebrity Brand Ambassador to Promote Your NFT.


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