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Documentary Shopping Agreement

The Documentary Shopping Agreement is an agreement between rights holders and a Documentary Agent trying to ‘shop’ a documentary feature, film, or episodic series documentary to potential financiers, developers, producers, and/or distributors.

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What Is It?

The Documentary Shopping Agreement is used between a producer or owner of a documentary feature or episodic series idea or source material and a shopping agent to find a buyer, financier, producer and/or distributor for the documentary.  This industry-standard Shopping agreement can be used for a completed project, simply an idea, or source material rights like a book, magazine article, or archival footage.  It contains essential terms and conditions such as compensation, term, duties, and obligations of the parties.

Also known as Film Documentary Shopping Agreement, The Shopping Agreement for Film Documentary, Documentary Agent Agreement, Film Shopping Agent Agreement, Film Agent Agreement, Film Agent Contract

Why You Need It

A Documentary Shopping Agreement is an essential contract when using an agent to shop your documentary idea.  It is similar to a Film Shopping Agreement but drafted specifically for Documentary Projects.  When you outline the terms and conditions in a clearly defined contract you help make sure that everyone is on the same page before things get started.  A good contract helps business relationships and ensures that everyone understands what is required of them.  A good contract is also essential to keeping the parties out of expensive court battles.

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