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Podcast Guest Release (w/o Compensation)

Have a guest for your podcast? Get a release!  This quick Guest Release Agreement will get you all the rights you need for a smooth experience.  This one is for a guest appearance without compensation.

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What Is It?

The Podcast Guest Release Form (Without Compensation) is the release form for guests on any podcast. This agreement outlines the terms for a guest’s appearance and use as well as marketing and advertising rights.

Why You Need It

Even though many Podcasts don’t pay guests for their appearance, it is still important to have the rights in place in the right contract. This is the fastest, easiest way to create professional contracts for your podcast. This is an industry-standard contract designed to be customized specifically for your show!

With Every Creators' Legal Contract, You Can

  • Get A Contract You Can Get Signed in Minutes with Our Online Signature System!

  • Protect You and Your Project from Future Disputes!

  • Stop Wasting Time on the Legal Wrangling and Focus on What Matters Most, Creating Great Content!

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Professional Podcast Package
The Podcast Package is designed to cover your podcast's unique needs. It includes all the most common agreements needed to run a steady podcast as well as some unique ones like the Podcast Sound Engineer Agreement and Guest Release Agreement. This package will make sure your business stays protected while giving you peace of mind! All Contracts in Podcast Package are Single-Use.

Price $34.00

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