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Terms and Conditions

The following Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions are valid from: 08-1-2021

Basic information
The Affiliate Program is administered by Creators Legal. We use a third party service GetRewardful to manage payouts and our affiliate links. These Terms and Conditions are the agreement between, Inc. and You, as part of the Affiliate Program.

An Affiliate Partner is a registered user of the Creators Legal Affiliate Program. By registering for the Affiliate Program, you agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions of the Program. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you cannot register.

General description of the Affiliate Program
After your registration, you will receive a unique referral code, which you can use to refer other customers to Creators Legal. Creators Legal will give you a commission for every new customer you refer to us who signs up for a paid subscription using your referral code. The Affiliate Program is free to join, there are no fees associated with it.

Commission rate
You will earn 25% of all sales you each referred customer that purchases a subscription from us. This includes individual purchases, packages, monthly or annual subscriptions.

It is forbidden to:
– Advertise links through spam mailing
– Misuse links in campaigns that could mislead customers regarding the purpose of the links, such as systems for non-existent discount coupons, coupon/discount sites, etc.
– Any Partner found to be engaging in improper or unethical behavior in connection with the Program will forfeit all commissions.
– Bid on the keyword “Creators Legal” or use the Creators Legal trademark or servicemark in ad copy for online ad campaigns, without written consent from a Creators Legal executive.

Commissions are paid out only via ( If you do not use this service, you can sign up for free at

The minimum payout amount is $100. To be eligible for receiving payouts, you must have a track record of at least 2 unique customers that you have successfully referred to Creators Legal, each of whom have became a paying customer as a result.

In order to receive commission for a customer, cookies must be enabled in the customer’s browser settings, otherwise the commission will not be credited. Cookies are stored for 30 days.

Commissions are credited within 14 days after we get paid by the referred customer.

The Partner cannot claim default interest on withheld commissions nor other claims for compensation from Creators Legal. The Partner can view their earned commission amount in the user profile section after they log into their account.

Anyone who applies for our program online and is accepted can become a Partner.

Registered Partners can only have one Affiliate account.

In case of a violation of these terms, Creators Legal reserves the right to cancel the Affiliate Partner’s account and block payout of their commissions. The account balance shall be forfeited to Creators Legal Any disputes between an Affiliate, Partner, “You” and, Inc. shall filed and resolved via Arbitration in the County of Alameda, California. The validity of these terms is not time limited. Creators Legal reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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