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Top 3 Things to Do to Successfully Plan a Book Launch Party


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After months (or years) of grueling hard work, you have finally reached one of the best things about being a writer: Getting to share your completed work with others.

Once you have published your piece, you can move forth to a party to celebrate its honor. Or, to put it simply, a book launch party. Book launch parties are a must for writers, but they are arguably quite tricky to plan despite the festivities they entail. 

Here are some steps you need to take to ensure a successful book launch party. 

Curate the Guest Listgues

The book launch party is an opportunity to showcase your book to get people to buy and read it. 

Friends and family are a given for the guest list, but you should also consider fellow creatives and other people in your industry.

Those with who you may not be close to may also come. If they’re intrigued by your book, they may purchase it and recommend it to their friends. As much as possible, have a diverse guest list for better sales. 

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Secure the Venue

You can’t have a party without a proper location to celebrate it in. When perusing for the perfect venue for your book launch party, consider the event’s theme, your budget, the number of guests, and your ideal location. 

If you want a cozy atmosphere that’s close to your writing roots, you may want to consider booking a bookstore in advance. On the other hand, if you want a more sophisticated party, a wine bar may do the trick.

You can get more inspiration by considering previous book launch parties that other writers have shared online. 


Photos and videos of your book launch party serve to commemorate the event and give you something to look back on. 

Given this, you should consider hiring someone to document the party while you promote and mingle with your guests. 

One option you can take up is to make a photography contract with a fellow creative in the area. If they allow it, you can even have them take early photos of you with your book for promotional purposes. 

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Venue Marketing

Keep in mind that your book launch party also functions as a promotional event for your book. It’s best to have reminders for guests that they should at least have one book with them before they leave.

One way to market your book at the venue is by hanging posters of the book cover and an image of you with your book. This is where the photography contract can also come in. It would help if you also opt to use decorations in line with your book’s aesthetics. 

While on this note, make sure that you have enough books for all guests, provided that every person on the list purchases one copy. Try to overestimate the final number since running out of copies at your launch party isn’t a good look.

Promote on Social Media

Social media is your friend when promoting your book and launch party. If you have signed a social media content manager contract, you can trust your manager to handle the promotions for the event.

However, if you’re working alone, you need to release promotional content at least once daily during the days leading up to your event. 

Doing so helps build up hype and informs non-attendees that your book is due to hit the shelves soon. 

The Wrap

Planning for your book launch party is equally stressful and exciting. Take the time to study all of the moving pieces for your party and consider how your book and writing can come into play during the event. You’ll also find that asking for help from professional acquaintances or loved ones can ease the burden of the planning process. 

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