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What You Need to Know Before Joining a Podcast Network?


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You Need to Know Before Joining a Podcast Network

Podcast networks may help you monetize your podcast without you having to spend hours on it. If you let the network handle your marketing and sponsorship agreements, you are left with more time to create amazing episodes.

A podcast network is a collection of podcasts that collaborate on marketing and sponsorship agreements. If you join one, you may leave the advertising to the network administrators. They’ll also help promote your podcast, thereby increasing your audience.

To help you get started, we’ve created this quick guide to help you:

Types of Podcast Networks

Different kinds of networks function in very different ways. Therefore it’s critical to know the difference.

1. Ad-Based Podcast Networks

The goal of joining an ad-based podcast network is to make monetizing your program more accessible. The more downloads you have as a group, the more bargaining leverage you have to secure sponsorship deals.

Everyone stands to gain from this arrangement. They receive a cut of the advertising revenue in exchange for handling all of the sales administration (usually around 30 per cent of the money made).

It should be obvious that joining a network requires a steady stream of high-quality downloads each month. In the first 30 days, according to current data, just half of all podcasts get more than 140 downloads.

2. Ad-Free Podcast Networks

On the other hand, a podcast network may be able to help you in ways different from advertising. While advertising is the primary source of revenue for many large networks, this is not the case for all of them. Ad-free networks are designed to provide their users an advantage in social networking and marketing, in other words.

These networks have lower minimum download requirements than advertising networks, making it easier for individuals to join. Moreover, they’re less likely to impose restrictions on the creative flexibility of your podcast.

Podcast Network Membership Requirements

Most podcast networks have prerequisites that you must fulfill before they would consider you. Such criteria include giving up 30% of your ad income to the network, producing at least 1 episode each week with at least 1000 downloads per episode or approximately 5000 downloads per month, and being willing to cross-promoting other networks podcasts on your program.

Pros of Joining a Podcast Network

There are advantages to joining a network if you are in a position to do so. You get to profit from the favorable perception of the network’s brand. Listeners who already trust the brand will likely trust your material as well. Joining a network offers you access to successful podcasters who can help you develop your abilities.

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You gain access to sponsorship agreements and significant advertising relationships and benefit from cross-promotion with other podcasts on the network. A network may also help your podcast with marketing tactics. This frees up time to create material for your podcast!

Cons of Joining a Podcast Network

If you can join a network, you can anticipate certain disadvantages, too. First, you may have to cancel your existing podcast sponsorships and commercial agreements. Joining an ad-supported podcast network may get you better sponsorship opportunities, but the network takes a 30% cut of your ad income.

Joining a network may limit your options for sponsorship agreements. You may wind up endorsing a brand that you dislike. Also, keep in mind that advertisers have preferences regarding the material on which their advertisements appear.

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Being a member of a network also means honoring your commitment. Your podcast may need frequent reporting as part of your agreement.

The Wrap

Podcast networks are not for everyone. You must satisfy specific criteria to join them, and once you’re in, you must fulfill particular responsibilities as part of your contract.

This may imply relinquishing some creative authority. However, if you opt to join a podcast network, it will assist you in monetizing your podcast without requiring you to devote all of your time to negotiating sponsorship agreements. It could be the ideal next step for your show.

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