Why You Should Get Your Guests to Sign a Podcast Release Form

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A podcast release form is a document given to the guests of a podcast show before doing an interview. Essentially, it is a contract that gives you, the podcast host, the right to use the discussion or content produced with your guests in whatever way it pleases you.

But, that does not mean that you can use the content to smear the guest’s name or anything to that degree. That form can’t fully protect you in court if you ever conflict with the guests over content choices.

Its primary purpose is to guarantee that you have the final say on the content.

Why You Need a Podcast Guest Release Form?

It helps protect you from guests suddenly deciding that they want you to remove their interview or content you did together. That way, you have the form to show their agreement to use the content however you wish.

For instance, you did a podcast about a controversial topic with a guest who has contributed well to the content. Then, a few months or years later, the guest suddenly wants you to take down the episode for various reasons. In your case, the episode still brings in many listeners, and you don’t want to take it down.

If you had them sign a podcast guest release form, you are at liberty to show them that legal document. It shows that they gave you complete discretion to use the content. With that, they can’t strong-arm you into removing or making changes to the podcast if you don’t want to.

On the other hand that you didn’t have them sign a podcast guest release form, you might get in hot water for not accepting their request. You don’t necessarily have to remove the episode, but you’ll likely face backlash for not doing so, especially if the guest properly asked for it.

What’s in a Podcast Guest Release Form?

A podcast guest release form includes several details, such as the following:

  • An outline of where the content will be used
  • A summary of expectations and outcomes
  • A clear statement of your creative control of the content
  • A clause that protects you from future issues, legal or otherwise

Aside from these, the form may also include other information, depending on what you want. However you plan on going with the content, it’s always better to consult an attorney before creating a podcast guest release form to ensure it follows legal guidelines and ensures you are fully covered.

Moreover, your attorney might also advise you to have all guests sign the form before you begin recording anything. Make it a habit to start your onboarding package with the form. But if you realize in the middle of the podcast that you forgot to have the guest sign, it’s better to have them still sign it than not.

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The Wrap

Having guests sign a podcast release form is a way to protect you and the content on your podcast. It’s just good practice to have legal protection against issues that may arise in the future. Plus, it doesn’t take guests more than a few minutes to sign the form.

You might be thinking that having a podcast is fun now, but you have no control over what may happen in the future. Protecting yourself now is just good sense.

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