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The 3 Most Important things to know about Self Publishing contracts

Signing a contract can often feel like navigating a minefield, especially in the world of self-publishing. A solid contract is an essential safeguard for your work, and understanding its nuances is vital for protecting your rights and preventing regrets. This article equips you with the knowledge to confidently manage these agreements. Related Read: Moral Rights […]

The Most Important Contracts for Self-Published Authors   

The Most Important Contracts for Self-Published Authors

Self-published authors must familiarize themselves with crucial contracts to protect their rights and ensure a successful publishing journey. Creators Legal is the first and only do-it-yourself platform for creators to get fully legal without the need for expensive lawyers. They offer a range of contracts tailored for authors, including agreements for illustrators, ghostwriters, editors, marketers, and more.  When it comes to self-publishing, having the right contracts in place is essential. […]

Why Does Every Smart Ghostwriter Always Make Agreements?

Ghostwriting contract

Commissioning ghostwritten work can help businesses and independent creators to achieve efficiency. In this day and age, companies have a lot to do and think about. With that in mind, they search for compelling ghostwriters who can emulate their content creator’s tone and produce on-brand output.    At times, though, arrangements like these do not work as intended. […]

Book Royalties: 6 Solid Secrets New Authors Need To Know

Book Royalties: 6 Solid Secrets New Authors Need To Know

If you’re an aspiring author, you must have heard of book royalties. These are payments that publishers make to an author for publishing their book, which is also how authors earn money. The process behind royalties often confuses many first-time authors, prompting questions such as when they can start earning royalties and how much they […]

Tax Considerations For Digital Creators

Tax day is coming

Tax Day is Coming! Yes, Tax Day is coming up, and taxes are simply a fact of life and certainly a fact of doing business. If you are a creator and earning money, you are doing business and going to need to pay the taxes on the money you earn. This is regardless of whether […]

Top 3 Things to Do to Successfully Plan a Book Launch Party


After months (or years) of grueling hard work, you have finally reached one of the best things about being a writer: Getting to share your completed work with others. Once you have published your piece, you can move forth to a party to celebrate its honor. Or, to put it simply, a book launch party. […]

Legal Things to Consider When Publishing Online Content

Legal Things to Consider When Publishing Online Content 2

If you’re a content creator or a blogger, you must never forget that publishing content online always comes with legal responsibilities. While publishing anything online is free, you should not overlook the fact that there are rules you must follow because you may end up facing legal issues if you do not comply with the […]

4 Tips Every Freelance Writing Business Owner Should Know

4 Tips Every Freelance Writing Business Owner Should Know

Today, there is a significant increase in remote work as 59 million Americans freelanced in the past year, making up 36 percent of the total US workforce. It is also why more people are starting their freelance businesses by offering services for remote work.  One of the rising freelance businesses to consider is setting up […]

4 Tips to Address Problems with Your Self-Publisher

4 Tips to Address Problems with Your Self-Publisher

Even writers with the best intentions sometimes find themselves in unfortunate situations with the self-publishing companies they work with. Typically, the writer ends up being disappointed with the partner’s work for many reasons. It could be that the book quality wasn’t up to par, or that the partner isn’t communicating as often as agreed. Regardless, […]

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