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5 Essential Skills for Succeeding in the Performing Arts


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5 Essential Skills for Succeeding in the Performing Arts

To thrive in the competitive performing arts industry, you must demonstrate and refine your skills in addition to your inherent talent.

The performing arts are divided into four categories: music, dance, drama, and theater. While they may vary in genre, these four categories often overlap in terms of the production’s scope of talents. That’s why most professionals in this field can easily switch to different roles—from production design, business management, and even tutoring and workshop facilitation.

It’s possible to get just so far in this profession if you have a great deal of talent and initiative. Here are some abilities you need to excel in the field of performing arts:

1. Proficiency in Performative Skill

Anyone who desires to progress in the performing arts profession must be proficient in their chosen field. They will not even be allowed to audition if they do not possess the necessary abilities. Because the performance sector is so competitive, individuals who do not make the cut will not fare very well.

Some performers specialize in a single art form, while others are well-versed in a variety of genres. It is a definite plus to demonstrate a wide range of varied performing talents and tirelessly work on improving your craft.

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2. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Without confidence, it will be hard to perform your best in front of the crowd. You must have confidence amid the cutthroat nature of this industry. For this reason, a positive, can-do attitude can help you stand out in auditions and performances. This also lets you gain excellent work experience and navigate through challenges and rejections you will meet along the way.

To boost your self-esteem, you can find local clubs or peer groups within your field to be around other artists pursuing to improve their craft. It’s how you also meet mentors you can pick inspiration from.

Additionally, you can actively participate in competitions or talent shows to increase your self-esteem. Alternatively, taking up a part-time customer service career may have a significant influence on your interpersonal skills and self-confidence as well.

On the downside, too much confidence can make you arrogant and complacent. Always remember that your skills can open doors for you, but it’s always your character that keeps you at the top. 

3. Adaptability and Resilience

Performing arts is a highly competitive field that has its highs and lows. You will have to cope with challenges constantly, so you need to develop resilience and perseverance. You must face every challenge to strengthen and diversify your skills so that you may bounce back stronger than before.

As a performer, you must adapt and apply your abilities to various tasks and roles. Many performers have a second or third job, generally, in teaching, arts administration, or other technical disciplines, to make their skills and experience more interdisciplinary.

Developing this versatility will help you succeed in a dynamic industry where things constantly evolve. This proved true during the pandemic when many jobs related to the performing arts were canceled or postponed. Having a second skill or specialty can help you adjust even in such circumstances.

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4. Leadership and Analytical Thinking 

You need to learn how to be a leader since performing arts is a lot like running your own business and brand. You need to handle your time, market yourself well, and constantly find ways to push your career forward.

Contrary to the public’s impression of performing arts, it is a highly technical field as well. You are constantly learning scripts, studying characters, or analyzing technical components of your role.

5. Networking and Marketing Capabilities

Self-employment and auditioning are the conventions in the performing arts. Thus you must be able to market yourself for a potential employer to hire you.

Getting involved in as many industry organizations as possible will help you get your name out there and ensure future employment. Join professional groups, attend industry events, and enroll in seminars or workshops.

Moreover, you can also follow relevant actors and directors, dance groups, choreographers, and musical directors on social media to meet other like-minded people. When it comes to gaining an excellent employment opportunity, knowing the right people at the right time is a vital benefit.

The Wrap

Finding your passion helps you devote more time and energy to improving as a performance artist or professional. Allow your passion to grow, stay connected with your personal and professional support groups, and just keep growing. 

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