New to Sponsorships? Read This Before Signing Your Contract

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As a content creator or influencer, one of the foremost goals you most likely have in mind is to amass as many sponsorships as possible to let your passion put food on the table. 

Even the most established creators and key opinion leaders see sponsors as the financial bread and butter of their careers. They help bring everything together and keep the content creation wheel going. With the pandemic stoking the fire in even more passionate folk, sponsorships have become a key resource that has helped many find their calling online.

If you’ve been getting the ball rolling with your creative work and are now gaining your traction with a growing fanbase, it’s clear that obtaining sponsors is a goal that you cannot overlook. Whether you’re keen on building your equity in the world of content creation or after a steadier cash flow, getting companies to back you is the way to go.

After months or even years of grinding your way through the competition and making a name for yourself in your niche, you finally have several sponsors in your DMs and inboxes. Before you jump the gun and sign a sponsorship contract- what could be the deal of a lifetime, it’s crucial to make yourself aware of one particular pressing matter concerning many creators today: the different details you’ll be signing yourself accountable for. 

What’s in a Contract?

Like purchasing a home or buying a car, signing into a sponsorship contract is a serious undertaking—and it’s a lot more complicated than you might think.

You see, the biggest problem with the rising generation of content creators, both young and old, is that far too many of them are running into issues after settling into their sponsorship agreements. It is because far too many influencers and KOLs don’t understand the terms and conditions of their contracts completely.

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Yes, it can be exhilarating to finally see messages in your inbox that all do their part in affirming that you’re doing something right with your content. However, if you don’t want to avoid the same fate as thousands of other creators that hampered their careers with avoidable fumbles, here’s a rundown of the different things you need to be aware of:

Entitlements and Exclusions

Let’s go over the biggest problem points of them all.

When you sign yourself to a sponsorship contract, the very points that you need to be aware of above all else are the entitlements and exclusions that you get out of your contract. No, we’re not talking about the bonuses you think you will get, but the real perks and benefits stated in the agreement. 

On top of the perks that you’re getting, it’s worth noting that the entitlements and exclusions portion of your contract also outlines what your sponsor will receive in return. It typically includes scheduled posts, post frequencies, shoutouts, social media captions, or banner features in your channels and online profiles. 

This is a particular contract aspect that applies to both you and your sponsor in terms of exclusions.  When you go over this portion, you can figure out what particular actions don’t void the contract on you and your partner’s end—so peruse carefully! 

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Ah yes, the most significant point of conflict between unsuspecting creators and sponsors. 

In a sponsorship contract or any kind of document offered by Creators Legal for use, one of the most crucial points for analysis is the exclusivity portion. This section typically outlines what a person being sponsored can or can’t do in terms of their time with the sponsor. 

Often, it is a point of conflict for most parties because creators fail to clarify or understand the rules, leading to grave threats such as penalties and cancellations. If you want to do things right the first time around and keep your image and name squeaky clean and inviting for other sponsors to stake their claim in, it’s vital to read everything carefully. 

The Wrap

Taking on a sponsorship contract that will help support your content creation efforts is undoubtedly an exciting experience—but it helps to know what you’re getting into before all else. By keeping this guide in mind and watching out for the key points mentioned above, you can take on opportunities smartly and carefully, so you have smoother experiences down the line! 

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