The Dos to Remember When Creating a Social Media Contract

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Social media marketing campaigns are generally the collaboration of brands and marketers with influencers. The partnership agreements they create are drawn up into social media contracts. That contract protects all parties involved and indicates critical terms, including payment terms and the influencer’s expectations.

Now that social media marketing has expanded so much, risks have blown. Therefore, precautions are necessary. So, whether you’re a big brand, a small business, or an influencer, you should always be prepared if any problem occurs. Here’s what you should dowhen creating a social media contract:

DO #1: State All Expected Deliverables

The contract must specify the scope of the work, including all expected deliverables for the duration of the contract. The range of the work also includes the format, length, frequency, and social media platforms to be used for posts and other deliverables.

You may also describe other responsibilities influencers generally have, such as attending events or hosting contests for your marketing campaign. Also, be sure to explain your brand’s goals for the campaign, as well as what message it should deliver.

Ensuring that the influencer has a clear understanding of these expectations is key to a successful contract.


DO #2: Indicate Requirements for Review, Revision, and Approval

You should outline the specifics of the approval process. For instance, brands must indicate how many reviews the content should have and what they need. You should also indicate who has the final approval before distributing the content between the brand and the influencer.

If you’re an influencer offering social media marketing, then you should clarify with the brand how many rounds of revision and brand oversight of the content is acceptable to you.


DO #3: Be Clear About Licensing and Ownership of the Content

It needs to be spelled out accurately the contents of the licensed property, including who has ownership of the content. That is crucial for brands that want to repurpose content that the influencer may have created for the campaign.


DO #4: Include a Morals or Social Responsibility Clause

Influence does not always equate to having the best morals and a sense of social responsibility. To avoid any problem, it’s best to include a morals/social responsibility clause in the contract to prevent the influencer from misbehaving in your brand’s name. That clause stops them from posting offensive, dangerous, or sexually explicit content, whatever your contract states.


DO #5: Have a Confidentiality Clause in the Contract

A confidentiality clause prevents both parties from talking about the details of the campaign before it’s launched. That prevents competitors from getting ideas about the campaign and using the information to their benefit. While the campaign launch may not be a secret anymore, some campaign elements are best kept confidential.


The Wrap

Of course, any contract must state and address the penalties and possible legal consequences that may occur if the terms of the contract are not met. That is something that protects both parties and ensures that the campaign goes as smoothly as you’d want. A simple contract agreement with all these dos to remember should help both brands and influencers.

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