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What You Should Not to Do When Creating Social Media Contracts


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Social media is a powerful tool that has become a powerhouse global economic force in the last few years. As new social media channels are created, new faces grace this medium and become influencers and content creators. The global social media industry was valued at almost $100 billion in 2020, underlining the powerhouse quality of this industry. 

Still, this industry has also been at the forefront of many controversies, such as problematic influencers displaying poor behavior and losing deals and big brands that choose to ignore disclosure agreements.

With so much involved in social media campaigns, a contract is vital to ensuring the success and protection of brands, marketers, and influencers or content creators. So, if you’re about to enter into a contract agreement, here are some things that you absolutely should not do:

DON’T Use a Random Contract Template

There are numerous social media contract templates online, but that doesn’t mean you should use them. Don’t give in to your temptation to do a quick fix and use some template because it’s convenient.

You need to remember that templates you find online aren’t drawn up for your industry, state, or country where the laws need to be applied. So, trying to wing it on your own may do more harm than good. It’s best to consult with an attorney specializing in social media contracts.

DON’T Forget to Include Termination and Cancellation Clauses

You should always include a clause that protects you if things don’t work out. The contract must explicitly state the grounds for termination of the agreement and address the consequences of the cancellation.

You should state relevant details like now much notice is needed before a campaign can be canceled. It’s also crucial that you state how the cancellation affects compensation.

DON’T Neglect the Fundamentals

Never neglect the basics in the agreement, including the names and physical signatures of the parties. It should also state a brief summary of the campaign and the duration that the contract is effective.

DON’T Ignore Compliance

Be sure to include a requirement for the influencer and marketer to abide by any laws that apply. That should involve copyright and intellectual property laws, as well as endorsement and disclosure requirements. It’s a preventative measure that stops any involved party from creating problems during the contract duration.

DON’T Forget the Timeline

The timeline for the campaign should also be stated in the contract. You should indicate the entire schedule, from the start to the end date, and list the time all posts and deliverables are needed. In addition, you should also state the duration of time that the content stays up on the influencer’s social media channels and website.

DON’T Dismiss the Competition

You should include a clause that clarifies whether the influencer is allowed to promote your competitors during the campaign. You also need to disclose whether other brands can be mentioned in the posts.

The Wrap

Social media campaigns are composed of different people, teams, content, and more. That makes it crucial to draw up an all-encompassing contract that covers all aspects of the contract to make it easier for both parties to adhere to them. A social media content collaboration agreement also protects both parties and ensures a successful campaign.

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