5 Tips to Create a Successful Influencer Contract

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New career paths are paved along the way in the age of the internet, where people can rise up to fame virtually and earn a respectable social following. That’s why you’ll often see influencers as social media dominates the digitally-oriented landscape, making them online celebrities that can represent brands, spark compelling conversations, and take charge of movements that impact society in more ways than one. 

Just like any content creator, it’s important to write a clear and enforceable influencer contract to ensure all parties understand their role. But writing a contract can be tricky for anyone, especially for budding influencers. If you’re at a loss for words, then the guide below should clearly define what a successful influencer contract needs!

Qualities to Consider When Creating a Legal and Successful Contract for Influencers

Tip #1: Use Clear and Easy to Understand Language 

A contract should be written in clear, concise language that neither party will have a hard time understanding. This makes it easier for you to communicate your expectations and ensure that the other party is fully aware of their commitments.  Also, a contract should be written in a self-executing way. This allows you to make it easier for the influencer to service your needs and track their performance.

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Tip #2: Include a Representation Clause

Well, this is one of the most important clauses in any contract. A representation clause provides information about the relationship that the parties have with each other and their rights. It will also define the terms of the relationship. 

These clauses state that the party is responsible for the accurate representation of the creative works of the other party and that the creative works are free of any copyright infringement and moral rights.

In the social media age, it’s important to set up exact specifications and ensure that the creators follow your company’s policies because any misrepresentation can be harmful to both parties.

Tip #3: Guarantee Payment

It’s important to ensure that your content will be completed with timely payments. You’ll want to make sure that your influencer will be properly compensated, as this ensures that the influencer will deliver the content on time on their end. 

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Tip #4: Establish a No Competition or Non-Solicitation Clause

A non-competition clause requires the influencer not to compete with your business for a certain time or within a specific geographical area. The clause also requires the influencer to refrain from soliciting your business during the contract period. This can be extremely helpful and protect your intellectual property from being used by others in the influencer’s circle.

Tip #5: Set the Terms

You’ll need to ensure that you set the terms of your agreement clearly. For example, in the duration of the contract, you can state that you expect the influencer to create your deliverables and a timeline for your deliverables to be completed. You can also set the number of content pieces that you expect the influencer to create and the delivery terms in which they are to be submitted. 

You’ll also need to mention the material you expect to be created and the compensation was given. Lastly, you’ll also need to include an exclusivity clause to ensure that the influencer doesn’t give your deliverables to any of your competitors.

The Wrap: What Makes a Legally Enforceable Influencer Contract?

Influencer contracts are important to protect your brand and ensure that you’re working with content creators who will deliver high-quality, relevant content. These contracts also protect the influencers by ensuring that they’ll be properly compensated for delivering the content.

How Can We Help You?

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