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What Legal Safeguards Are in Place for Young Talent in Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing

In the dynamic world of social media and influencer marketing, parent influencers have been at the forefront, sharing their lives, experiences, and endorsements with their audiences. However, as the digital landscape evolves, so do the legal considerations surrounding these influential families. A groundbreaking shift is underway with the introduction of new legal protections for influencers’ […]

Navigating the Legal Landscape: Essential Contracts for Influencers and Content Creators

Contracts for Influencers and content creators

In today’s digital age, influencers and content creators play a vital role in shaping trends, engaging audiences, and driving brand awareness. However, behind every successful content creator lies a strong legal foundation that safeguards their rights, partnerships, and creative endeavors. At Creators Legal, we understand the unique legal needs of influencers and content creators. That’s […]

Why Do Creators Need a Press or Media Kit?

A media kit is an essential component of any creator. Do you want to be featured on CNN, TechCrunch, or Forbes as an expert? Do you want to lock in brand sponsorship deals or show your worth for collaborations? You will need a top-notch media package to make it happen. Whether big or small, every […]

Tax Considerations For Digital Creators

Tax day is coming

Tax Day is Coming! Yes, Tax Day is coming up, and taxes are simply a fact of life and certainly a fact of doing business. If you are a creator and earning money, you are doing business and going to need to pay the taxes on the money you earn. This is regardless of whether […]

How To Become A Brand Ambassador (2022)

how to-become-a-brand-ambassador

The most powerful method to connect with others has always been through stories. What makes social media so effective is the urge to tell one’s experience and be surrounded by listeners. Corporations are forming relationships with these “storytellers” on social media today to go forward with their marketing strategies. These storytellers are those who already […]

4 Best Practices for Influencer Marketing Agreements

working on laptop

Social media has completely transformed how we live our lives. With their power to connect people, social media influencers have changed how we do business. This is especially true in the case of influencer marketing, which is now valued at over a billion dollars. Some businesses and brands have become dependent on influencers for promotion.  […]

5 Tips to Create a Successful Influencer Contract

signing contract

New career paths are paved along the way in the age of the internet, where people can rise up to fame virtually and earn a respectable social following. That’s why you’ll often see influencers as social media dominates the digitally-oriented landscape, making them online celebrities that can represent brands, spark compelling conversations, and take charge […]

How to Collaborate on Instagram in Five Easy Steps?

Collaborate on Instagram in Five Easy Steps

Collaborative marketing, as its name suggests, is all about collaborating with other brands on social media can be a super powerful marketing strategy. While there are many ways to creatively collaborate with other content creators, you may find it difficult to find inspiration as to how to go about it if you have never done […]

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