4 Elements Every Influencer Agreement Needs to Include

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Influencers have become an essential part of every marketer’s campaign strategy. These days, there is a perfect influencer for every brand to help them achieve their desired results. Influencer marketing is a personal and informal type of customer outreach. They can provide your brand with visibility and engagement by being themselves and connecting with their audience.

Difference Between a Brand Ambassador and an Influencer

Back when this was still a relatively new approach, there was no need for contracts and service agreements. However, with the rise of social media and influencers, it has become vital to have a good working relationship and a clear and detailed contract for the best results. Verbal agreements and understanding mean nothing if it’s not in writing.

That said, here are four elements any good influencer agreement must contain:

1. Clear Scope of Work and Specific Deliverables

One of the most important things that each party must agree upon is the scope of work and the deliverables. The scope of work needs to specify beyond “creating content” and “promoting on social media.” Depending on the marketer’s needs, the influencer might need to model, attend events, write blogs, and more.

These tasks must be clearly defined along with the expected deliverables. If an influencer needs to provide content, will they also be required to shoot or execute these things themselves? If they need to provide specific types of content, like video clips or written works, those must be written down in great detail to avoid any confusion or underdelivering.

How Do Top Influencers and Managers Seal the Deal? Unveiling the Secrets of Influencer Contracts!(Opens in a new browser tab)

2. Content Guidelines

The influencer needs as much information as possible about the products, services, or brands they need to promote. The contract must include brand guidelines and a project brief about the key messages and tone to create relevant and engaging content.

Other things to consider are the rules and regulations that must be followed, like establishing the relationship between the marketer and the influencer. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), endorsements must include proper context or explicitly state that their post is paid, sponsored, or an advertisement. Organic disclosure describing the material as an ad also works.

3. Content Use Exclusivity

Most influencers work with more than just a few brands at a time. Depending on the contract, there is a chance they might work with a competitor. Establish a clear guideline on whether the content they create must be exclusive to the brand and if they’re not allowed to work with other brands for a specific amount of time.

And likewise, the brand must be transparent about where and how the content they create will be used. If a brand hires an influencer only to promote a d product, service, or something else, that does not mean they are entitled to reuse the content the influencer created, as that is still their property.

Be clear about the usage of their content, the possibility of derivative content, and where it will be distributed to avoid any contract breaches on either side.

4. Revisions and Editing

Depending on the contract, a marketer likely won’t have ownership of the content the influencer creates. That presents a problem when it comes to revisions and editing. Regardless of who owns the content, ensure that clear guidelines and procedures are stated for content approval.


Influencers are some of the most successful content creators today. They are fast becoming a significant force in the world of marketing. However, nothing is set in stone until the ink has dried on the contracts. Influencer agreements are necessary to protect both the marketers and the influencer.

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