Using Industry-Standard Actor’s Contracts: The Benefits

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Like many types of employment, being an actor involves contracts and agreements between you and your employers. You are entitled to use actor agreements that follow industry standards no matter what level you are at. These ensure you follow national rules and you receive proper compensation and working terms. 

Here are a few more details about what an actor contract is and what the terms in them should be.

What Are the Terms in An Actor Contract?

Your actor contract should detail the scope of your work, hourly rate, and other acting work for a movie or video production. Most productions pay actors per hour. The contract should include your schedule and hours per shooting and recording session.

It should detail these hours and their scope so that no issues arise when computing actual hourly rates. One major part of some productions is a mutual non-disclosure agreement to avoid leaks and spoilers about the movie or video.

Your schedule and terms have to be detailed in your contract. There will be hours required for each shooting day and sometimes post-shooting for minor re-shoots and promotional material. Post-production activities like movie premiers and public promotional events are included and signed in as part of the overall contract. These details have to be included in your contract to avoid out-of-scope disputes.

The contract should include insurance during the whole production process where the actors are on location. Extra funding for more difficult conditions or shoots and other on-location appearances should also be itemized if there is extra payment.

Also discussed in these contracts are intellectual rights and copyright agreements. In it are terms covered under standard local agreements. Most of the copyright of the film belongs to the film producers, and the extent of their ownership is usually laid out in the final contract. Actors have limited options on copyright, but they are entitled to receive a commission from movie earnings if this was negotiated.

Always Use Industry-Standard Templates

There are certain terms for each acting job an actor accepts. But no matter what level, the use of industry-standard templates as the basics for an actor contract will help. It should follow the agreed standard rates for a talent service agreement. It should also enumerate certain payment conditions, such as screening commissions or expenses during production.

The Wrap

Actors have technicalities in contracts whenever they sign up for work in a video or movie production. They may often just sign away a deal to get proper exposure and networking; they may forget certain aspects of the film production and payment systems not under regulated standards. It’s important to use standard industry contracts that have the proper terms and payment terms laid out to get the best real contract.

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