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Promoting Your New Podcast


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Promoting Your New Podcast

Creating exceptional content is the best way to grow your audience, but you cannot stick to just one type of content. Nowadays, you have to explore various kinds to cater to everyone’s needs. After all, not everyone has time to read a lengthy article or the attention span to watch a five-minute video.

Since there is a growing demand for audio content, consider starting a podcast. It is an ideal way to reach people because this type of content can be consumed even when your listeners are cooking, driving to work, or working out. All they need is their computer or mobile device and some speakers, earphones, or headphones.

If you decide to start a podcast, you can promote it even before you have launched your first episode. Here are some tips for an effective podcast promotion:

1. Identify your audience

The first and most important step when promoting your podcast is to know precisely the type of listeners you want to reach. As a podcaster, your goal is to encourage people to listen to what you have to say, subscribe to your podcast, and stay with the show beyond your first episode. But if you are unsure who your audience is, you may risk promoting your show on the wrong platform or way and end up wasting your time and money.

After identifying your audience, you need to determine which platform they usually use. For example, consider if they tend to hang out more on Facebook or Twitter than on Instagram. You should also consider if they don’t use social media, like busy parents and older individuals. Doing this allows you to know the possible topics you will discuss and potential collaborations you can consider, allowing you to generate profits and grow your following.

2. Collaborate

Podcast listeners subscribe to various shows usually based on similar topics. If other podcasters are covering the same subjects as you, don’t consider them as your competitors. You can reach out to those who have the same target audience as you and consider working together by creating a montage episode. You can even do a promo swap where you play their promo trailer on some of your episodes. By collaborating on some content, you can reach more listeners.

3. Create calls to action

Many podcasters tend to overlook calls to action (CTA) when promoting their show. But you can avoid making this common mistake. Your CTA is similar to small favors you can ask from your audience at the end of every episode. For example, you can tell them to recommend your show to people they think would enjoy listening to your content or post about your podcast on social media. This way, you can increase your engagement and number of listeners.

4. Conduct audience surveys

If you have been running a show for several months now, you can learn more about audience growth by conducting surveys. You can request your existing fans to fill out a form and ask them how or where they discovered your podcast or what kind of topics they are interested in that you can feature in your show. This way, you no longer have to try guessing what your listeners want.

The Wrap

With many podcasters sharing their content, you may feel discouraged because of the tough competition. Reach out to more people and gain listeners by following the promotion tips listed above. To get started in your podcasting journey, you also need contracts for podcasters.

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