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How to Start a Podcast: A Guide for Beginners


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How to Start a Podcast: A Guide for Beginners

Podcasts are a great way to connect with your audience and offer them something new. Podcasting allows you to share information, thoughts, and ideas that may be difficult to communicate through other mediums like social media posts or blogs. Podcasting is an excellent way for people in all industries to reach their target audiences. Podcast hosting platforms, such as Libsyn and Blubrry Podcast Hosting allow anyone interested in podcasting the opportunity to start one without any technical knowledge or expensive equipment required.

If you’re looking for help getting started on your podcast journey, we’ve put together a few tips to help get you started!

Decide on the right niche for your Podcast

Picking the right area to talk about for your podcast is an important decision to make before you start. Podcasts are a limited medium so trying to be universal can dilute your message. This is because they’ll find the podcast doesn’t have anything of interest for them specifically. On the other hand, narrowing down your focus too much may limit how many people will hear your Podcast but also narrows the scope and leaves room for more in-depth coverage on topics that matter most to those who tune in.

You’ll want to think about who your Podcast is for and what you hope to accomplish with it.

If you have a business, do you want Podcasts as the foundation of your marketing or would like them to supplement other forms of content. Would Podcasting be more of an educational tool that can help inform people in need of certain information, for example, medical professionals looking for continuing education credits? Before starting a Podcast, identify where it will fit into your overall strategy so that your time investment matches up well with the benefits offered by this medium.

Brainstorm ideas around topics related to podcast content. What are some different ways listeners might search for podcasts on their smartphones? Try searching ‘Podcast’ on iTunes or Google Play Music and see what Podcasts come up. Check out Podcast recommendations on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see what’s trending, or ask your friends!

Once you have an idea for a podcast that covers a niche topic, it’s time to do some research. Find out if anyone else is covering the same topic. Learn from their successes and failures by checking reviews of them online or listening to yourself so you can learn how they’re doing it and adjust accordingly. With Podcasting being as new as an industry overall, there are bound to be plenty more opportunities for those who want to get into it – before starting make sure there isn’t already someone else who has done something similar but better than you might think!

Pick your Podcast Name

A good name is a balance between uniqueness and simplicity in order to make it memorable but not too difficult to spell remember when people want to subscribe through iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher Radio etcetera. It’s also important to think about how search engines work: if you type “podcast” into google what pops up? A lot of different options which means there may be some competition for the Podcast name you like.

Grab the Domain so nobody else can take it before you’re ready! Plus, registering your own website for your podcast will make sure all of your listeners know where they can find more information related to future episodes as well as serve as another form of media promotion through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok.

The Podcast Name is one of the hardest parts to come up with! It’s important that it matches your content. But also has some kind of uniqueness about it so people can find it. Think about keywords and phrases listeners will search for when trying to find podcasts related

The Podcast name should reflect the Podcast’s content. For example, if your Podcast is about fly fishing then you might want to use a catchy phrase describing that. Incorporate it in some way into the Podcast title like “Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners”.

There are currently over one million podcasts on the market so getting the right name is important.

Create a Podcast Logo and Branding Image

Your Podcast logo is something that will be seen time and again. Which makes it important to have one created before starting your Podcast so people can recognize it! Along with your Podcast logo, create branding images if you plan on using them in conjunction with social media posts or email campaigns. This helps keep things consistent as well as look professional when promoting yourself online!

The steps are straightforward but there’s always room for some creativity (brand logos, different types of advertisements). Match the Logo and Branding image for your podcast to your listeners’ tastes and what they expect.

Create branding images so listeners recognize your logo and get excited about listening! Brand logos should be professional but still match with what the listener expects. Think back to all the other Podcast brands and see if they’re doing something similar.

It’s All About the Content

You might have a good name, a great topic, and even the right branding and logo. But unless you have strong engaging content your Podcast won’t get traction and grow. To get create content that will get Podcast listeners excited try coming up with a unique topic (something that isn’t covered by another Podcast in the same niche or even close), produce engaging and original content, and have sound quality that is clear but not too professional. Part of the success of many podcasts has been the organic nature of the content. Podcasts can be anything from simple interviews with producers to a Podcast where the Instagrammer speaks about their process and how they make their amazing images.

Choose a Great Host for Your Podcast

You may be thinking about hosting the podcast yourself, but many successful podcasts have brought in other people to host. Podcasts with hosts that are already popular on social media have a built-in audience which helps them grow quickly. Podcast listeners want to know who they’re listening to and if you don’t have someone knowledgeable in the industry, this will be an issue.

You may also enjoy podcasting because of your love for public speaking or just like being able to talk about what you care about online! Podcast guests should not only match their content but also share some commonalities with the host.

Make Sure the Podcast Sounds Great!

Having the right podcast equipment for your podcast can make it sound truly professional. Podcast equipment can be as simple as a mic, recorder, and editing software. Also, it may require some more expensive items like an audio mixer. You can get great Podcast audio equipment and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Podcasting is all about the quality of sound. So it’s important to have Podcast equipment that will make your Podcast stand out. You can find great podcast equipment on amazon.

If  You Can’t Get the Sound Right, Hire a Good Podcast Editor

Hiring a good editor for your Podcast can really make a Podcast shine. Podcast editing software makes it easy to edit out mistakes and the Podcast host’s “ums” and create polished audio for your listeners. Podcast editors can also help you with making transitions smoother between segments, cutting out any dead air, or time lapses in content that would be jarring to listen to. Podcasting doesn’t have to be difficult. A Podcast editing software can help you create a Podcast that is professional, polished, and engaging content.

Get the Right Contracts for Your Podcast

Figuring out Podcast contracts can be confusing and difficult. Podcast hosting providers will often have their own Podcast contract. But you should also make sure that your Podcast isn’t infringing on any copyrights or trademarks of other companies or individuals. You’ll want to reach an agreement with the person who is going to produce the content for your Podcast so they know what’s expected from both parties before beginning work. Podcast contracts are a good idea for Podcast hosts and Podcast guests. Podcast contracts outline the expectations of Podcast hosts and Podcast guests, what will be provided for Podcasts like hosting or promotion, and how money is handled. Podcasting can take a lot more work than it seems so make sure that you are protected.

The Wrap

Podcasting is a great way to grow your business and get more customers. If you want the best chance of success. Whether you need a contract for your Guests or a Sound Editor, Creators’ Legal can help you get started. Podcasting is a great way to build your brand. But you should make sure that you get the right contracts in place before you get started.

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