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Are you thinking about starting a podcast or updating your current setup? There are thousands of solutions for editing and recording podcasts in today’s market. Many of these options work in the same way and offer similar features. So, which podcast editing software to choose in 2022? 

The greatest podcast editing and recording software are, first and foremost, trustworthy and versatile. For many podcasters, though, the decision may come down to selecting the optimal balance of price and capability. 

Podcasting tools can help you take your podcasts to the next level. On the other hand, podcast editing tools cannot replace proper recording practices. Outstanding audio quality podcasts are the product of great gear (including microphones) being used correctly and understanding the recording setting. 

This blog discusses the top most trustworthy podcast editing software to choose from in 2022. 

But before jumping on to that, here’s a small consideration for you. 

When it comes to selecting the best podcast editing software, you should first examine your degree of expertise. You don’t want to begin with complicated software that you don’t understand. This will simply complicate matters and detract from your performance. Furthermore, you do not want to overpay for features that you will not use. 

So, consider your degree of experience, the features you’ll need, and your podcast from the start. This will assist you in comparing the best podcast editing software available. And we chose these podcast editing software based on this guide. 

5 Podcast Editing Software: Their Key Features, Cost, And Pros & Cons

So, are you ready to start your podcast? Here is the finest podcast editing software to choose from in 2022 for all of your recording and editing requirements. 

#1 Adobe Audition

You can use this podcast editing program to add music, segues, and fades to your podcast. There are a lot of audio templates and presets in Adobe Audition. You can save templates as scripts and run them automatically. 

Key featuresAdobe Audition provides outstanding noise reduction capabilities as well as advanced audio restoration and compression capabilities. This podcast editing program is recognized for its batch-processing features, which let you apply the same effects to several files simultaneously.

Cost: Adobe Audition is on the expensive side. You can save a little money if you pay in advance, and a year of Adobe Audition will cost you $239.88. The cost of a monthly subscription is $20.99. Because it’s part of Adobe’s Creative Suite, you might already have it if you’re a subscription.

Ease of use: The app is best suited to experienced podcasters looking for advanced features like batch processing, which is especially useful if your program has a set format.

Pros: Consider Adobe Audition your one-stop shop for audio editing, with plenty of capabilities to help beginners and advanced users take your show to the next level.

Cons: Adobe Audition has a steep learning curve for new users, as it has a lot of technical capabilities.

#2 Audacity

Audacity may lack some of the more advanced features found in other podcast editing software, but it’s a fantastic bargain for beginners as it is free.

Key features: This free podcast editing program allows you to record audio and edit it to remove undesired sounds like coughs or noises caused by moving microphones in your digital audio workstation. You can also include music, intros, outros, sound effects, and even advertisements in your video. 

Cost: Audacity is absolutely free, making it an excellent alternative for beginners.

Ease of use: Although figuring out the structure may take some time, the defaults make it easier to easily pick up on podcast editing. Free tutorials are also available in the online community to assist you in getting started. Audacity is compatible with Windows PCs, Mac OS X computers, and Linux computers.

Pros: This free podcast editing program will give you everything you need to edit your podcast episode and increase sound quality, whether you’re a novice or intermediate.

Cons: Audacity lacks the bells and whistles that come standard with competing for expensive tools. Because the software lacks automatic functions, you must edit each audio file manually. Furthermore, because Audible does not support publishing, you will have to upload your edited audio files somewhere else manually.

#3 GarageBand

You can use real-time editing effects in GarageBand to improve your sound quality, which cuts down on the time you spend editing your audio after it’s been recorded.

Key features: You may change the pitch and velocity of tracks, among other things, to adjust and morph recordings. Because GarageBand is a Mac-only app, you can’t use an iPhone or iPad to add music to your podcast.

CostGarageBand is completely free to use, which, considering the number of features, makes it an excellent pick. However, to utilize this free podcast editing program, you must be a Mac user.

Ease of use: Many built-in elements, such as pre-recorded loops and synths, make it simple to produce background music using the user-friendly interface. It doesn’t take long to properly figure out how to use the software for sound editing and manipulation.

Pros: For beginners, this high-quality podcast software is one of the better options. All of your podcast recording and editing may be done on a Mac system. GarageBand is free to use and will equip you with all you need to get started learning the ropes.

Cons: GarageBand is only available on Mac computers, which is a deal-breaker for individuals who use Windows or Linux.

#4 Descript

Descript is the ultimate audio editing program for beginning podcasters. You can export your podcast and make changes to text instead of audio files during the editing process. The software transcribes your audio clips, and you can make changes by modifying the transcription text. To top it off, they added a text-to-video editor, which is a tool that none of its competitors have.

Key features: Descript provides a few editing options that novices will find handy while getting their show started, including audio transcription editing.

Cost: Descript costs $10 a month, which some may consider excessive for the few services it offers. Beginners should instead look into free podcast editing tools.

Ease of use: Newcomers to podcasting will appreciate how simple it is to learn how to edit podcasts with Descript’s text-based editing approach. Simply erase the text in the transcription if you wish to remove something from the file. Simply record and insert it into the transcription if you wish to add something later.

Pros: Descript has a simple workflow that allows you to switch between audio files quickly. To get good results, you don’t require a lot of technical knowledge.

Cons: More traditional techniques of altering audio files may be preferred by experienced podcasters. Descript lacks several of the editing and production features that a seasoned user might require.

#5 Riverside

Riverside is an all-in-one podcast recording and editing program suitable for beginners and pros. With the Riverside Magic Editor, you can make a polished podcast in minutes.

Key features: The Clips feature is a game-changer, especially for video podcasts. With a few simple clicks, this application converts the highlights of your long-form content into short advertising teasers. It’s perfect for disseminating your information over social media. Riverside’s automatic AI Speaker view, which instantly shifts to the speaker speaking; Riverside’s easily configurable and branded backgrounds; and Riverside’s automatic tools for fine-tuning your audio are all significant features.

Cost: The Basic plan starts at $7.5 per month, the Standard plan at $15 per month, and the Pro plan at $24 per month. Every plan comes with a certain number of hours of recording, with the basic plan starting at 2 hours, the standard at 5 hours, and the pro at 15 hours. The Magic editor is included in all plans, but higher-level plans include additional capabilities, including transcriptions and live call-ins. If you want a specific deal to optimize Riverside’s offers completely, you may also inquire about an Enterprise plan.

Pros: It’s a one-stop solution for recording and editing programs that includes everything you’ll need to make a podcast from start to finish. Riverside eliminates the need for separate podcast editing software; simply record in HD, apply finishing touches to your podcast, and you’re ready to go. In addition, the Clips function is quite revolutionary. Many well-known podcasters promote their content on social media using short teasers. Instead of spending hours reworking your content into shorter bits, you can do it in minutes with Riverside’s editor.

Cons: While Riverside provides all of the necessary tools, some users may prefer more control over the specifics of their podcast. Automatic editing tools may not be the greatest option for these persons, and more specialist editing software may be preferable.


The most important thing to remember when choosing editing software or podcast software is that neither editing software nor podcast software will impact how quickly your podcast grows. Therefore, you should choose anything that meets your requirements as well as your budget. 

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