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Our greatest deal ever: Creators Legal & App Sumo


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If you have ever thought about getting the best protection on the planet for your creative work – now is a perfect time. We have partnered with App Sumo, to bring you more accessibility to our contracts at a lower cost! Protecting your work has never been easier.  

What is App Sumo?  

App Sumo is the platform 1.25M+ entrepreneurs trust for everything they need to create fulfilling businesses. It is a lifetime software deal marketplace. They pick the absolute best products for consumers, curate them, and they offer amazing deals.  

The platform first started in 2011, established by serial entrepreneur Noah Kagan. Since then, it has become a growth hacking engine for many businesses who run a lifetime deal on the marketplace. To date, App Sumo has made millions for the companies that run with them and has saved billions for their customers.  

So now, we have partnered with App Sumo, to save you time and money when trying to get legal!  

What is the deal?  

$81.00 for an annual subscription – that is 25% off the annual subscription. $81.00 a year for unlimited use of our annual subscription. This puts the best legal tool for Creators in your hands. Just for this small sum, you can get all these benefits:  

  • Unlimited Use of All Contracts 
  • Free Storage 
  • eSignatures and deal tracking 
  • Customizable Contracts. Written by Entertainment and Media Lawyers 
  • Project Briefcase to Organize and Manage Your Contracts by Project 
  • New Contracts and Features added regularly 
  • Year of access to Creators Legal Plan 
  • 1 Year of Creators Legal Plan updates 

This deal came at an amazing time because now you can take advantage of a yearly subscription for only $81.00 and use our latest solutions launched in our 3.0 Version:  

  • Send for Review:
    With our Send for Review feature, you can now send the contract to anyone you need to review before finalizing and signing. 
  • A Professional Look & Feel
    Add your Production Company logo to your contracts for a truly professional look and feel. 
  • Fully Customized Contracts:
    This has been the most requested feature since we launched. Our Full Word-Style Editor lets you fully customize your contracts quickly and easily! 


“The most important feature is the word style editor. It has been the most requested feature since we began, we are incredibly happy to now bring it to market.” said our CEO, Eric Farber.  

Get more information about our latest version here.

More about Creators Legal:  

Creators Legal is the first and only legal platform built just for Content Creators. We have simple, straightforward, industry-standard contracts, drafted by real content lawyers, in a fully integrated system.  

With close to 50 million people in the United States earning a living off content creation Creators Legal is quickly becoming the tool of choice for the community. Hence, we believe it is time to democratize the creative industry and level the playing field.  

With Creators Legal: 

  • Save time and money with contracts written by experienced content lawyers in minutes. 
  • Customize industry-standard contracts for your specific project needs. 
  • Get everyone’s signature fast and easy, with our quick and secure signature system, powered by HelloSign 
  • Store all your drafts, purchased and signed contracts in a free and secure environment, all in your always-free Project Briefcase 


Creators Legal helps you document deals, easily collaborate with others, and build your creative business. In fact, no more guessing if a contract is right, hiring slow and expensive lawyers, or going without protecting yourself and your business. Creators Legal helps you easily get what you need so you can do what you love. Create!  

Grab the deal now 


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