We are so pleased to announce that Creators Legal Ver. 3.0 has finally been released! Many customers have already benefited from the customization in the original version; however, this truly expands the ease of use of Creators Legal. We keep adapting and updating our website and solution to fit your needs better.

What’s new?

Fully Customized Contracts:

This has been the most requested feature since we launched. Our Full Word-Style Editor lets you fully customize your contracts quickly and easily. So, if you have any comments or want to change anything in our contracts, just do it directly on our website. Customize your contracts however fits you best.

“The most important feature is the word style editor. It has been the most requested feature since we began; we are incredibly happy to bring it to market now.” said our CEO, Eric Farber.

Get the full tutorial from Eric below:


Send for Review:

We know that signing a contract or sending one is not a one-person job. You’ll need to send it to someone to check it out. So now, with our Send for Review feature, you can now send the contract to anyone you need to review before finalizing and signing. Just save time and send it for review on the same page, so you don’t have to download it, send it, and wait for a response. You and your team can make comments on the contract directly.

Learn how to use it:


A Professional Look & Feel

Add your Production Company logo to your contracts for a truly professional look and feel. When we talk about personalization, we are serious. Not only can you edit your contract however you like, but you can now add your company logo to it and have a more professional look when doing business.

Learn how to do it here:

These 3 new features are only just the tip of the iceberg. With Creators Legal, you can have and do so much more for only $108 a year! With unlimited use of all our agreements for every aspect of your projects, you can get relationships secured, get organized, and protect yourself and your business. So go ahead and spread those creative wings. We’ve got you covered!

Our annual plan includes:

  • Easy-to-use Form builder 
  • Secure Project Briefcase 
  • Easy Access to Dozens of Contracts 
  • Shareable and Downloadable
  • Industry Standard Contracts 
  • Always Free Project Briefcase 
  • Encrypted Custom E-Signature powered by Hello Sign.  


If you are looking for more options, you can buy a single contract at $19, or get a monthly subscription for just $40.Find here our Pricing Guide to get more information about our deals.

Since launch, we have had the privilege of helping hundreds of creators build thousands of contracts. Today you can be one of them! Save hundreds of dollars with our industry customizable contracts and stop wasting money on expensive entertainment lawyers.

About Creators Legal:

Creators Legal is the first and only D-I-Y legal tool for content creators. We are here to help democratize the content creator industry. To help content creators collaborate, protect themselves, and create content without being slowed down by traditional law. Contracts for the Creator industry are out there, they are mostly about the same. But like the other gatekeepers, they have generally been hidden behind the doors of the entertainment lawyers’ offices.

With Creators Legal:

  • Save time and money with contracts written by experienced content lawyers in minutes. 
  • Customize industry-standard contracts for your specific project needs. 
  • Get everyone’s signature fast and easy, with our quick and secure signature system, powered by HelloSign 
  • Store all your drafts, purchased and signed contracts in a free and secure environment, all in your always-free Project Briefcase 

We have over 170 contracts in more than 10 Creator categories including filmmakers, musicians, NFT creators, Podcasters, Web Series, Digital Creators, and more. The products are available on a per-use basis or through subscription. There is also an educational program for students and faculty of creative schools and programs.


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