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Influencer Marketing: What to Include in Your Contract


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Traditional marketing remains important, but there are now more innovative ways to convert leads, drive traffic, and boost sales. One of the most successful marketing strategies today is influencer marketing. However, many brands struggle with determining if the content creators they hire will meet their campaign requirements. If this dilemma is familiar to you, a well-written contract can help.< This type of contract is a written legal agreement document covering all important information about the campaign and how the influencer and the brand will work together. Before entering an agreement with an influencer, here are some essential clauses you should include in your contract:  

The Services the Influencer Will Provide

Costly disputes between brands and influencers usually occur because of misunderstandings. For instance, an agreement signed by both parties lacking a set number of posts under the contract terms can lead to major disputes.

Avoid such problems by ensuring that your contract clearly mentions what services you’ll need from your influencer. Don’t forget to incorporate all the vital details, including how many posts they have to create, what format to use, where to post them, and for how long they will feature your brand in their posts. If you have upcoming events, you can also mention in the agreement if they are obligated to attend and how long they will have to be there.


Influencers usually work with multiple brands simultaneously. There may also be times when they collaborate with competing brands at the same time. If you want to maximize your brand presence on their niche audience, emphasize exclusivity provisions in your contract. Your agreement could explicitly prevent them from posting about products similar to yours or offering promotional services for your competitors while they’re under your contract terms.

Term and Termination

The contracts for content creators you draft must indicate the start and end dates. For example, it must state if the agreement covers only a one-off post or a longer-term collaboration. Additionally, it should discuss the termination rights for reputational damage, failure to comply with relevant legislation, and breach of the terms of the agreement.

Be as clear as possible about the results you are looking for. Create success measures and discuss what constitutes success for your collaboration through solid figures. The agreement should also specify if your company has a termination right if the influencer fails to meet these criteria for success.

Payment Terms

Creating content is more challenging than it looks. It involves content planning, investing in equipment, shooting eye-catching photos, and creating engaging captions. Remember that you will be compensating the influencers for the years it took them to build their huge following and respective exposure.

Make sure you pay influencers fairly by creating a well-established payment structure and include it in your contract. For example, state if you will be paying them per post or per month.

The Wrap

Engaging in a contract with well-established social media influencers will get tricky if you can’t account for all potential outcomes. Additionally, the first draft might also undergo some revisions until both parties are satisfied with its contents before the final version is signed. If you need help in drafting one, consider using a platform for creating trustworthy contracts for content creators.

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