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How To Make A Film Production Logo


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How To Make A Film Production Logo

Do you still remember The Wizard of Oz after hearing MGM’s Leo Lion’s roar amplified? As a kid, it certainly gave you chills! You might not have realized the significance of the dramatic opening at the time. In truth, you had no idea what this strange imagery signified.

The lion, moon, and castle were a part of the logo of production companies that finance and oversee films. What an eye-opener! These animated logos continue to delight us at the start of all films, whether we like them or not, find them interesting or gory, humorous or scary. So, what is it in these images, symbols, or words that make them so memorable for decades? Have you ever wondered how these logos are made?

These one-of-a-kind logo designs are a smash hit! In the sense that each one has its own fanfare. If you’re starting a film production company, we’re sure you want your logo to stand out among the industry’s biggest names — make it a box office smash. Right? Hence, to clear all your doubts, we are going to discuss:

  • *Important traits of a film production logo
  • *3 steps to design a logo
  • *Top logo design makers online
  • *Who are we?

Writing down words that describe your independent production firm or your films is ideal for beginning the logo design process. Consider what your brand should stand for and what impression you want your logo to leave on the audience. For example, if you’re doing comedies or amusing shorts, you can strive to express a pleasant or ironic message to your target audience; if you’re making horror or action films, opt for a dark or dramatic atmosphere.

Important Traits Of A Film Production Logo


You must have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, so including a graphical element (icon, sign) in your logo should help to increase brand recognition. But keep in mind that there’s a big difference between a good logo and a good illustration!

Film Production Logos

While an image is beautiful, it is also rich in intricacies and hues that may render it unreadable and inflexible when used as a logo! You should pick something straightforward that reflects your brand’s personality and represents your company.

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The color selection should be made last. Keep in mind that your logo may be presented in only one color at times, so consider how this may affect its identity. If you use colors to distinguish distinct aspects in your logo, keep in mind that it may become unreadable in greyscale!

Remember that choosing one or two colors for the logo is preferable because it makes the business easier to recognize. It is really important to choose the right hue since colors have meaning.

Film Production Logos


The typography of your logo may be more essential than the image. Your company’s attributes and brand identity should be reflected in the font you select. Finding the ideal font for your design is all about matching the style of the font to the message you want to send to your target audience.

Then you must strike the proper balance between the typeface and the rest of the logo’s features. Without harmony and continuity, the brand’s entire message will fall flat!

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3 Steps To Design A Film Production Logo

You’ve probably realized that creating a logo is a difficult undertaking, and it’s always better to employ a professional graphic designer or a logo-making company to accomplish it for you. Here are some steps to follow if you want to learn how to design a logo for your filmmaking company.

Step 1: Explore more about the font style

As previously stated, you must first investigate the font style you choose to employ for your logo.

For example, Rose Films are two terms that can be written in two distinct ways. A maximum of two fonts of various weights should be used in a logo. It’s sometimes possible to distinguish words by using the same font but varying the size or color of the letters. You should, however, keep in mind that seeing too many typefaces at once can be confusing!

Let’s see how many different typefaces we can use to write the company’s name:

Examples of Film Production Logos

When creating your own logo, a good piece of advice is to visit certain websites that provide font libraries. If you’re not a graphic designer and don’t know how to make your own custom font, there are websites like Dafont where you’ll find thousands of free fonts that you can download quickly.

This website also allows you to type your company’s name and preview it in various fonts from the collection. It will also assist you in swiftly determining what looks nice and what does not with your logo.

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Step 2: Pick an icon

We can also try to add an icon to the logo once we’ve chosen some viable typefaces. First, we must look for visuals, photos, or shapes that represent cinema or filmmaking. Some instances are as follows:

Film Production logo making

Now, try out the shape or symbol that represents the name of the company…

Film Production Logo Example

Lastly, you should match the rose’s shape to one of the movie symbols. The ideal solution, in our opinion, is to combine the square shape of the film with the lines of the rose while designing a logo. We also recommend keeping the icon as minimal and current as possible – the more memorable it is to the viewer, the better!

Film Production Logo

Step 3: Match the Icon and Font

The next step is to match a font to the icon’s aesthetic. We must ensure that the icon and typography do not compete for the viewer’s attention. Then, the viewers will be unsure of where to focus their attention! As a result, we’ll choose a really simple typeface.

Film Production Logo

The final step is to choose a color after choosing the font and matching it to the icon. The ideal option is to select one or two colors that will help brand awareness. However, when designing a logo, keep in mind that it must be readable in both color and black & white!

Top Logo Design Makers Online

Film production companies now have access to affordable design tools such as logo builders, logo design software, and logo apps, which allow them to generate high-quality, professional logos for a fraction of the cost of hiring a designer. Here are the top online logo makers:

Design hill

Design Hill has a simple, no-frills logo maker that produces results in seconds. The company’s design tool is more user-friendly than its designer marketplace, and it offers a larger selection of finished goods.

Users choose their preferences from a library of templates and styles, and the software then creates a final logo that combines as many of their preferences as feasible. Users who still desire a professional design can also start and publish a design contest, which pays a prize to the best overall logo designer. Users just need to subscribe once they’ve created a logo they like and wish to confirm their choice.

For $20.00, Design Hill offers a basic bundle that includes a standard resolution logo for users.


  1. *The company’s various logo assets, such as shapes, colors, and typefaces, allow for various logo design possibilities.
  2. *It’s simple to change current designs before committing to a final product, allowing you to fine-tune designs you like but aren’t completely satisfied with.
  3. *SVG and EPS files and high-resolution logos are included in the Premium and Enterprise editions, allowing for many uses.


  1. *The company’s basic package only comes with a standard resolution logo file, which can be difficult to resize at larger sizes.
  2. *For new users, the editing tools might be difficult to navigate and, in some circumstances, unresponsive.
  3. *Adding more features can cost as little as $65.00, significantly more than many of the field’s competitors.


Looka’s services primarily focused on producing a logo without the major branding features, and it was previously called Logojoy. However, the business has just begun to offer brand guidelines and business cards, among other things.

Users can pick between a basic PNG file for $20.00 or premium alternatives that include transparent picture files, full ownership, and limitless modifications and alterations for a one-time price starting at $65.00.


  1. Users can rapidly explore numerous potential layouts as well as edit their completed logo in a convenient tab.
  2. In as little as 3 minutes, you’ll have a completed logo design that you can fully alter to fine-tune your business mark.
  3. The logo builder has a large selection of pre-made color palettes.


  1. The basic membership only allows you to edit a single image file and has a restricted number of edits.
  2. The social media kit, which is included in the Enterprise subscription, does not include any actual social media capabilities; instead, it provides you with your logo in various sizes.
  3. In terms of reaction time, customer service might be more responsive.


Canva is one of the better logo designers for users of all ability levels, even as a free tool. The company’s logo builder tool includes a number of pre-made logo templates that customers can customize to meet their own requirements.

Canva, unlike some more expensive logo generators that guide customers through the process, allows users to choose and choose each piece to suit their needs, albeit without assistance. Users can also upload their own assets to be incorporated into the final design.


  1. Canva’s simple and intuitive UI makes it simple to use and learn for people of all skill levels.
  2. The first logo design is simple thanks to a large number of free elements such as photos, icons, and pre-made design templates.
  3. Nothing needs to be paid for as long as users stick to free content and photos.


  1. Purchased content, such as photos and elements, can only be used for 24 hours rather than indefinitely, as other usage agreements allow.
  2. Because there are no alignment capabilities, users must frequently guess or approximate where a design piece should be aligned appropriately.
  3. The designer lacks grid features, making it difficult to place specific elements in a logo and compare sizes accurately.


As detailed here, some production company logos and entertainment firm logos have evolved or modernized over time. Regardless of the changes, we all adore them. So make sure you spend the most time and money on how your logo appears in a film because that’s the real deal.

Who are we?

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