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3 Hacks to Get Instagram Followers


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Hacks to Get Instagram Followers

Instagram is a growing platform for content creators and social media influencers. With an engagement rate that is 58 times more than Facebook and over 200 million active users, it is no easy feat to rise above the competition and amass a significant following. Unfortunately, many posts sink below the feed without gaining traction. Taking a few extra steps while creating and posting your content can easily boost your account’s visibility and success. You may even find a career out of your new social media fame. Hack your way to more followers and more engagement with our three easy steps!

Share Authentic Content

Instagram often garners criticism due to the massive amount of photoshopped images showcasing unattainable body types. Using filters and photoshop tools, some influencers edit their photos so much that they turn themselves into completely different people. While this may make the influencer feel good, it can cause others to feel alienated and self-conscious about their own bodies.

In response to this negative trend is a new celebration for authenticity and inclusiveness. You have the unique opportunity to be real with your followers. Show them that you value people from all walks of life.

To gain more Instagram followers, showcase your authentic self on the platform. Do what you truly love. Don’t be self-conscious about your outer appearance. Put an end to toxic online behavior and become a voice for yourself and others. Social media users value authenticity. New followers will flock to your account, enticed simply by your fascinating individuality.

Connect in the Comments


Many creators often forget the term “social” in social media. It’s important to communicate with your followers in the comments. You can even interact with people who have yet to follow your profile. Sometimes, all you need is to show that you are listening to them and value their insights, especially through the comments section.

Ensure you always spend time on newly posted content to comment, like, and refer to your followers like they are your friends. It will entice non-followers to become dedicated fans, allowing you to grow your audience through genuine social connection.

Use Hashtags!

Hashtags are powerful tools for nurturing leads towards your profile. They help your content trend. You must plan your hashtags carefully. It is often recommended to have up to 20 or more hashtags per post. You can try using a hashtag generator and keep the tags ready to go for each of your posts so you can do a simple copy and paste! Try different groups of hashtags to see if one set performs better than another.

The Wrap

Gaining Instagram followers can be challenging when you don’t have the right method to help you. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what you must do to “hack” the process and grow your follower base quickly. Just remember the three tips and start creating fresh content today!

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