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Everything You Need to Know About Film Industry Contracts Pt. 2


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Everything You Need to Know About Film Industry Contracts Pt. 2

Contracts and agreements are a staple in the film industry. This is because every stage of the production requires different professionals and entities to provide specific work to help produce a successful film.  

Our last article went deeper into the list of contracts required in the pre-production stage, such as life rights contracts and director employment agreements. In this article, we’ll dive into the contracts and agreements needed in the production stage as well as the post-production stage of filmmaking.  

Understandably, creating contracts can be overwhelming, especially when there’s a mountain load like in film production. Fortunately, platforms like Creators Legal have easy-to-use templates that could help you build contracts for your team and protect your members in all stages of production.  

Production Film Industry Contracts 

After the pre-production stage, the whole crew enters the production stage, where the shoot begins, and the crew breathes life into the script. In this stage, the contracts are quite different and will focus more on service agreements since you’ll need to hire the services of actors, crew members, shoot locations, and more.  

  • Crew: There are two types of crew members: crew above the line and crew below the line. Above the line, crew members have a higher level since they have the upper hand in filmmaking. This often includes the director, screenwriter, producer, and lead actors. Below the line, crew includes background actors, script supervisors, lights and sound technicians, and more. 
  • Cast: The cast of the film refers to the lead and supporting actors and actresses. They enter into a contract with the producer and layout their specific terms, such as the number of shoot days, term agreement, scope of services, working days and hours, and more. 
  • Location: Every location rented for a film must enter with an agreement with the producer and owner. This is so your team can lock in the location for certain dates and protect the location’s owner from any damages.  

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Post-Production Film Industry Contracts 

After the shooting of the film, the next stage is post-production, where editing is required.  

  • Editor Agreements: This contract is usually in the form of “Work for Hire,” and the producer has the right to retain the edited work. Included in this agreement are the terms, compensation, and ownership rights. 
  • Composer Agreements: Music is a crucial part of the film; that’s why producers need to work with a composer to breathe in another layer for their movie. A composer agreement determines the ownership of the music and how the revenue generated through the music will be shared. 
  • Film Distribution Agreement: The final stage of the post-production phase is the promotion and distribution of the film. At this phase, you’ll need to create contracts for film marketing and distribution to ensure that you grant the rights to market the film on specific platforms.  

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The Bottom Line: Every Stage of Film Production Requires Contracts to Protect Your Team and Film 

Contracts are meant to ensure that everyone connected to the film production is on the same page. This protects your crew, actors and actresses, producers, director, and all members of the team. With that said, it’s only right that you create well-thought-out simple contract agreements that all parties will be happy with.  

How Can We Help You? 

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