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Design & Dev Legal Contracts: Creators Legal Launches a New Category


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Design Dev Legal Contracts

We are pleased to announce we’ve just launched a new category that covers a significant part of the Creator Economy. Design and Development Legal Contracts are now available with 10 specialized contracts for almost every occasion.  

Web Designers, Developers, and Graphic Designers are a huge part of the Creator Economy, just as much as filmmakers, podcasters, writers, and content creators. I am very excited our team was able to design real contracts for these creators.” Said Eric Farber, Founder and CEO of Creators’ Legal. 

The world of digital media is a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment with new players getting into the market all the time. As an independent Website Developer or Designer, your skills are in high demand nowadays. It’s hard to find clients who are willing to pay you what your work is worth 

You might feel tempted to take any offer, confident that you can find more lucrative opportunities once you’ve built up your portfolio and contacts. However, this could prove disastrous if the client takes advantage of you.  

Whether you work for an agency as an independent contractor or a freelancer, you must have contracts in place before beginning any project. Negotiating terms for each engagement will also reduce the risk of losing money on future offers. Don’t leave anything to fate; protect your work with Creators’ Legal.   

Newest Category Release: Design and Development  

The Design and Development Category of contracts includes legal templates for Web Designers and Developers, as well as Graphic Design Contracts. Creators’ Legal makes it fast, easy, and affordable for Software Developers, Graphic and Web Designers — both agencies and freelancers — to get legally binding contracts done in minutes with their clients and collaborators.    

Every business that wants to be online requires a graphic designer and a developer. Whether it’s a SaaS development project, an e-commerce store, or a local business website, they will always need front-end and back-end development, and of course, a flawless graphic design. So now is your time to shine!

That being said, it’s crucial to safeguard your work and enterprise from the outset if you are just beginning and need assistance with clients. Be more professional and get a contract in minutes that suits any deal situation. 

The Creators Legal Design and Development category includes:  



Look at each one of them and select the best for your situation. You can acquire just one contract for just $19 or the whole category for just $40.  

These contracts protect both parties by outlining each party’s expectations. They also define what will happen if the contract gets breached. They also outline the payment terms, such as how much the client will pay and when this payment is due. 

The Wrap 

As an independent Website Developer or Designer, you have to protect your work before you begin any project. That is your secret weapon to avoid any dispute with your clients and protect your reputation. You’ll also want to verify you have appropriate contracts in place so that you don’t have any issues regarding payment for your work. This will help you better manage your client relationships and protect your work.  

Creators Legal is the first and only DIY legal platform built for the Creator Economy. With almost 50 million people in the US earning a living off content creation, Creators Legal is quickly becoming the community’s tool of choice to protect their work and build stronger collaborations. It offers an easy-to-use legal tech platform with current legal templates, an e-signature system, and a contract management platform.   

Creators Legal has over 200 contracts in more than 10 Creator categories, including Filmmakers, Musicians, NFT creators, Podcasters, Web Series, Digital Creators, and many more. Platform users can choose between getting their contracts on a per-use basis or through a subscription. Creators’ Legal boasts close to 1.000 creators using the platform for their creative legal agreements. There is also an educational plan for students and faculties of creative schools and programs. All of this is available at   

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