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Alex Cooper Gets $60M from Spotify


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Alex Cooper Gets $60M from Spotify

Alex Cooper, Host of Call Her Daddy Gets a $60M deal from Spotify.

Alex Cooper is a podcast host who has just snagged $60M from Spotify! She started her career in broadcasting as an intern at SiriusXM Radio. This podcast deals with topics like parenting, marriage, friendships, and more. One of the reasons why she was so successful is because she understands that there are many different types of listeners out there. She targets all types of listeners with different content.

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The podcast has attracted over two million downloads and she has been a guest on many well-known podcasts like The Daily Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, and more! Her show is called Call Her Daddy Podcast. Spotify was one of the companies that made the deal happen by signing a multi-year contract.

Alex began her podcast career in the late 2000’s and has been a successful podcast host ever since.

One of Alex Cooper’s favorite things about being on her show is that she gets to be herself. But, also have guests come on who are interesting in discussing their own careers as well as life experiences.

Spotify is a music streaming service. So it’s no surprise they would want to work with Alex Cooper. In fact, she has an audience of listeners just waiting for her latest episode.

The Show began with a partner at Barstool Sports. They wanted to give people a podcast that was for men, by women with a reported yearly salary of $75,000 a year. Barstool will remain the merchandising arm for the podcast.

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