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4 Things Your Freelance Contracts Need to Include


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4 Things Your Freelance Contracts Need to Include

One of the greatest things you can do as a freelancer is to pick and choose any of the jobs you want, how often you want to work, where you want to work, and more. Of course, this also comes with something a little terrifying: responsibility. When you’re out there working on your terms, you need to know what must be done to ensure work is done properly.

That being said, one of the most significant responsibilities you need to do is to create freelance contracts for your work. It must contain many important things to ensure your work happens smoothly. If you don’t know what to include in your contract, you’re in luck! Today, we’re going to share the few things your freelancer needs to include before you get working:

1. The Price

All contracts should include the price of the work to be done, and the same is said about the freelance contracts you need to create. You need to outline how much you will be paid for how much work you are going to do. You also need to outline how you want to be paid, such as noting if you need a deposit. Also, if you are planning to make the deposit refundable, add that to the contract too. Just make sure to note the specific circumstance that such refunds will be given!

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2. The Scope

The scope, also referred to as a scope of work, tells you and the client all the project’s specific details. This includes what you will be doing, what the dates and deadlines are, what the client needs to be doing, and more. Be sure to include the scope of the contract so that the entire agreement is clear and easier to follow.

3. The Payment Date

Apart from setting the price for your work, you also need to ensure that you include in the contract the dates that you expect to be paid. At the same time, including what happens if you are paid late or end up not being paid at all. If you want, you can work with the client to come up with payment schedules to ensure both parties are aware of what to expect when payment is due, late, and more.

4. The Deadlines

Deadlines are essential not only for the client but for you too. Both you and the client need to agree on a date that the job needs to be completed. Without such a date, both parties will be kept in the dark, causing frustrations and slow-downs. As such, in your contracts, you need to ensure the deadlines are included. Also, other things like post-deadline penalties, turn-around times, and the like need to be considered to ensure everyone is on the same page about deadlines.

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The Wrap

You can and should include plenty of other things in your contracts, such as revision limits to limit how many times the contract is revised, milestones to help establish phases of a project, and more. The more detailed the contract is, the better it is for everyone to set proper expectations for each other, and the likelier it is that your job experience will be a lot smoother. That said, if you need help crafting freelance contracts for your job, be sure to reach out to online services. There are many professionals who can help you create contracts, and there are also providers that you can purchase and edit template contracts from to make contract-making a lot easier!

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