Signing Up with a Talent Manager: What to Know

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Once your content creation career takes off, you’ll need to hire a talent manager to get ahead even further. They’ll be in charge of guiding you through growth and new opportunities as an artist, and they’ll be handling most of the demanding tasks that would otherwise sap your concentration off your work. 

Many artists and celebrities work with talent managers because they serve as a personal support system that helps them throughout their careers. However, there are certain things you should know before signing up.

What Does a Talent Manager Do?

Talent managers (sometimes referred to as personal managers) act more than just supervisors or people in charge of getting you auditions. They are involved in many of your career’s undertakings, such as conducting auditions, networking with agents and producers, reviewing what you publish, and keeping up with trends. Many may even offer creative advice to support you when you’re in a bit of a rut.

Many managers work with multiple clients, but some are more specialized in a particular person or group. They may work for you throughout your professional career if you find the right fit. Many of these professionals hold degrees in management or marketing, although some may come from other fields.

A talent manager will be at your side when it comes to agreements, meetings, negotiations, and other aspects of the business side of being an artist. They’ll ensure that you make only decisions that benefit you and help you grow. They only have your best interests in mind and will take many admin tasks off your hands, allowing you to focus on what you do best. 

When it comes to your public relations, image, and marketing, the talent manager will work with you towards improving all of these. They’ll give you pieces of advice to help you arrive at better decisions. Some managers work multiple roles, such as being your publicist and agent as well. If they have the license to act as agents, they can help you land auditions and jobs.

What’s the Difference between an Agent and a Manager?

Both agents and managers are professionals that often work on commission and serve as strategic partners in advancing your career. Whereas agents are mostly just in charge of landing you roles and auditions, managers are more involved with your career decisions and development. Managers maintain a high level of attention towards you, and they can also act as agents if they have the license to do so. 

Do I Need to Sign a Management Agreement?

If you decide to hire a talent manager, you’ll have to sign a formal, written contract to ensure that both of you keep up with your duties and responsibilities. This is especially important because they’ll be involved in your career decisions. Having a clear, comprehensive agreement will protect both parties from potential conflict. The agreement should detail matters such as payment, expenses, relationship terms, renewals, termination, and their specific responsibilities.

The Wrap

Many artists do not reach their success alone—they often have reliable managers by their side. A talent manager can guide you through many of your business and public appearance decisions, helping you reach new heights and shine brighter than when you go at it on your own. However, to maintain professional boundaries and a healthy working relationship, you both will need to sign an agreement detailing your duties and obligations.

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