What to Know About Sampling Music Legally to Create Songs

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If you’re an independent artist planning to sample other people’s songs to produce your version or turn them into a part of the music you’re working on, you must know music copyright laws. Before you obtain the music you need from other musicians, you should guarantee you understand the legal side of sampling music to ensure you won’t violate laws.

After all, you don’t want all of the hard work and effort you’ve put into creating music to be put to waste the moment you find out you cannot distribute the music containing a sample. Knowing the ins and outs of sampling music isn’t just about studying how to make it but rather, looking into the legalities involved as well.

Besides, part of gaining knowledge about the laws of sampling music is using a contract for musicians to protect not only their rights but of the other artists as well. Keep reading below to learn more about the laws of sampling music to help you gain better insights about it before pursuing your dreams.

Defining Music Sampling

Sampling is the act of taking existing songs and using them to create a new one. It could be a melody, beat, rhythm, sound, lyrics, speech, or any other portion of your song of choice. If you’re up for it, you could even think of using the whole audio clip of the original recording to make new music.

Unfortunately, since the sample still isn’t yours, there are borders you should be careful not to cross that involve applying a sample or doing a cover. Depending on what you’re doing, whether you’re covering a song or sampling it, you should make sure your actions are legal.

Sampling music requires intent. Even though most of your composition is original and one you created, you should properly give credit to the sample you acquired from someone else’s song. Don’t forget that you aren’t the composer or publisher despite making new music out of it.

Moreover, if you wish to come up with new music while including a sample from a recent piece, the copyrights should belong to the person who created it. On the other hand, covering a song works differently. If you plan to perform a song made by an artist, you require a public performance license or clearance to avoid copyright infringement.

How to Sample Music Legally

In this day and age, you can sample music legally, so long as the original composer, songwriter, or producer grants you permission to use their piece. Before you begin recording your new song with the sample at the studio, you should reach out to the owner of the music.

Once they give you the go signal and you have a legal contract for creatives to protect all parties in place, you don’t have to worry about distribution and violating legal music guidelines. To attain proper rights to a sample, you must know about a music master use license.

If you wish to incorporate the original song into a track of your own, keep in mind that the music label has ownership of the masters of the sample. Moreover, you also require a license for applying the existing song. If you’re facing a similar case, the publisher acquires the copyrights. An independent artist usually acts as their own publisher.

The Wrap

It can be complicated to deal with music sampling if you don’t have any idea what your rights are and how you can use the portions of a song, such as its beat, rhythm, lyrics, or speech. The important thing to do if you’re sure about attaining a sample is to determine if you wish to take a sample of a song to create your own composition and fulfill your creative ambitions. Don’t forget to be familiar with the laws and consider using a legal document creator to ensure you protect yourself and have the law by your side.

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