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How Do Content Creators Reach Wider Audiences With ADA Compliance?


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How do content creators reach wider audiences

When you are a content creator, you can present something that is both entertaining and informative. You have all the power to determine how it would all play out, regardless of if it’s a funny story or a heartfelt campaign.   

You may have even planned it out: your content’s script, the theme, and all the recording equipment needed for its completion. However, your responsibility as a content creator doesn’t stop there.  

As a content creator, you are also an influencer. That means you can motivate change while you extend your reach to a worldwide audience. Not every viewer is the same; each of them comes from all walks of life, and some may even lack certain abilities that we all take for granted daily.  

Some of your viewers may even belong to the category of people with disabilities. So, how can you bond with them and allow them to enjoy your content? ADA Compliance is the answer. Keep reading to find out all about it! 


What Can I Do to Make My Content More Accessible to People with Disabilities?  

Here in the U.S., we follow the law known as the ADA Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. This law states that all businesses and web content should be accessible to the blind, the deaf, and those who “navigate by voice, screen readers, or other assistive technologies.”   

Of course, the internet has been around for a few decades now. Therefore, this law has been put into practice by many well-known sites and content channels since its creation. So, take that as a motivation and example to do it, too. No matter if you’re just starting your own content page, every time is a good time to start!  

With that in mind, here are a couple of tips that may hopefully make your content and website accessible with ADA Compliance. 


1. Add the Function to Enlarge Your Webpage’s Font Size 

Some people are legally blind. In order words, they can still see; however, they cannot utilize their eyesight to their full capacity. Their vision is 20/200, and they must be really close to an object to see it clearly.   

This same disadvantage is present when they’re browsing the web, causing them to squint each time they have to read something. Do them a favor and add the option to enlarge the font on your website. Not only would they appreciate the gesture, but they would also enjoy all your content without any hassle. 


2. Add an Audio Description Functionality for Your Video Content

If your content is mostly in video format, you can also make it more accessible to a wider audience. Just add the audio description functionality, which will describe all the silent actions inside your video.   

Blind people would not be able to see what happens in the video, but they still can hear the dialogue and understand what your content is about. However, some silent parts in a video may contain important visuals or actions from the cast that they wouldn’t be able to catch. That is where an audio description function would come in handy. 


3. Add a Text-to-Speech Functionality to Your Webpage 

This plays like the second pointer, except it focuses more on the text than the video content. Text-to-speech functionality would allow visitors with visual disabilities to hear your content; they would be able to hear about your scripts and opinions, too. Let them hear your thoughts, and never forget to add this important innovation to your webpage. 


The Wrap 

As a content creator, you have a better opportunity to reach an extended range of audiences with ADA Compliance. Not only are you going to cater to your usual audience, but you’ll be able to entertain and interact with your disabled visitors as well. Be open-minded and apply all the needed add-ons to your website. It will surely help you gain more viewers that way too. 

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