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A Legal Labor of Love: Contracts for Content Creators


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A Legal Labor of Love_ Contracts for Content Creators

The term content creator has become an umbrella term for all artists and musicians today who create content on online platforms. Having your content online involves complex legalities that must reflect correct and fair practices, and most importantly, the content creators’ rights.

The best way to handle this is through thorough consulting with specific industry law consultants on proper contracts for content creators based on these updated terms. But not everyone has the time and budget for that. Taking care of the legalities and other contract terms is complicated enough.

Read on to see how artist’s contracts and legal representation have changed to help advance the industry.

Legal Rights as a Content Creator

In his 1993 Metal Maniacs magazine interview, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Lommi gave advice to aspiring young musicians: get a lawyer before even playing. Although it was a half-joke, it carried significant weight in light of all the heavy legal hassles he and his band had gone through.

Back then, there was a severe lack of proper custom-made contracts for musicians. Lack of appropriate legal advice back then meant that many artists could not get fair compensation for their work, and many were forced to work under exploitative conditions. It is imperative to check and streamline the legal terms of your contract with a specialized lawyer before signing anything.

In the past, things were unclear regarding music copyright, terms of their recording contracts, management, and other issues on how the band operated. It meant unfavorable working conditions despite achieving rock and roll success.

Recently even Spotify was called out by the UK Parliament, particularly regarding how low they pay musicians on their platforms. The industry must evolve to protect its artists, both legally and financially.

You Deserve the Right Contract

Before your content and artistic work goes public, you need industry-standard contracts that respect your work and your rights as the creator of that art. It only fits to help creators get legal work advice on the terms to which they are legally bound. It also includes the terms of your business and that it follows proper legal procedures as well.

Content creators also have to consider today’s multimedia on major platforms where their work is available. The legalities have changed to include modern terms and rights regarding streaming, proper copyright protection online, and marketing your content on your agreed terms.

Your contract should reflect current and updated industry standards for record labels, signing record contracts, and what management deals you receive—notably, financial details on sales, royalties, the terms of use of the content. Offers and agreements must be equally negotiated by artists, management, and their recording company.

The Wrap

Too often, artists, musicians, and content creators get carried away when they get signed by a record label, get offered a management deal, or receive a contract regarding their art. It might get easy to just sign away your work with no trustworthy contracts for content creators using proper legal and fair advice. How do you ensure you have a suitable legal agreement before accepting and signing any contracts or deals involving your art, music, and content?

Creators Legal is the first and only legal platform build just for Content Creators. Get simple, straightforward, and trustworthy creator contracts in a fast, easy-to-use platform. With a powerful guided Form Builder, a secure e-signature system, and your own personalized dashboard to store and organize all your contracts, you can get yourself protected in minutes without the need for expensive entertainment lawyers!

Want to learn more? Check out, where you can get single use contracts or monthly and annual subscriptions on all contracts for creators! Try us now!

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