Self-Publishing Package

The energy of bringing a book into print is exhilarating. This Package is designed specifically for Self-Published Authors to get their book from idea to print.  This carefully curated set of Self-Publishing Contracts includes a Ghostwriting Contract, Editor Agreement, Book Illustrator Agreement, Marketing, Passage and/or Quote Release, and more.  It will help you reduce the time and risk involved in publishing a book.  All contracts contain essential terms and conditions and can be completed in just minutes.

All Contracts in Package are Single Use.

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Self-Publishing Package includes:

Price $66.00

Total if bought individually: $152

The Self-Publishing Package is a comprehensive set of Contracts specifically tailored for Self-Published Authors.  Whether you are penning the manuscript yourself or hiring a Ghostwriter, you can get everything you need from one set of Professional Level Agreements.  These are Industry-Standard Contracts that are fully customizable.

This Self-Publishing Package is specifically designed for Self-Published Authors and/or Ghostwriters that need agreements while creating books for themself or if a Ghostwriter their client Authors.

It is essential to have the right contracts in place for your Self-Published work.  Do this in advance, not after a book has been published and is headed out to the public.  Many self-published authors get major publishing deals, if you do you will need a complete and orderly chain-of-title.

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