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Does Twitter Still Matter for Creators?


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Does Twitter Still Matter for Creators_

There are a lot of social media options out there, and it can be difficult to decide which one you want to spend your valuable time on. Plus, if you’re getting a contract made from a contact creator, then you might want to be specific as to which social media you’re going to use. Social media, in general, is very much like a conversation. Twitter, specifically, has some of the easiest entry points into its conversation.

What Can I Do with Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform. Its feed consists of many different kinds of posts. There are posts that consist of text, which have a limit of 280 characters. You can post photos or videos to accompany the text, or you can post them solo. If you decide to post a video, you have a limit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and the video can either be horizontal or vertical.

What Is the Twitter Conversation Like?

A side effect of how easy and fast it is to create content on Twitter is that the conversation or zeitgeist can change very quickly. This can happen because of a flood of reactions to a real-world event, or it could just be something interesting someone posted that everyone wants to talk about now.

In comparison, a platform like YouTube that takes a while to create content for can take time to catch up to the community’s conversation. So, if you’re looking to create quick stories or updates, then Twitter is for you.

Why Use Twitter?

  • Cultivate a Community

Twitter is a great place to cultivate a community and interact with it a lot more regularly than on other platforms. A quick text post or photo is already community interaction. On another platform like, say, YouTube, it would take almost a week to film and edit a video to release.

  • Promote Your Website and Other Social Media Profiles

Another great reason to use Twitter is that it’s great for cross-promotional events. If you have a website or YouTube channel you want to promote, Twitter is a great place for it. This is largely due to how easy it is to reach people who don’t follow you. As long as someone interacts in some way with your post, their followers can potentially see this interaction and therefore see your post. They can then interact with it, which will spread it further, and so on.

  • Generate Feedback

Twitter is also a great place to get feedback from the community. While you can already get this through your comments on your YouTube videos or podcasts, Twitter is a good additional source of feedback.

  • Source for Trending Topics

Another thing you can do on Twitter is research. Since the conversation on Twitter moves so quickly, you can easily find trending topics and use this information to your advantage. You can find new, relevant hashtags and add them to your content to reach even more people.

Not only can you research additional hashtags to use, but you can also find what topics or ideas are resonating with people. This can help inform your content creation. You can see what people want to learn about or discover and use this information to fuel your creativity.

The Wrap

Twitter is a very unique social media platform. There are multiple ways to leverage its uniqueness to your advantage.

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