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The Key to TikTok Fame: 7 Tips to Get More TikTok Views


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Society is vastly different from how it was just a decade ago. Thanks to the advancement of technology and changes in consumer behavior, various jobs were created, career paths that would have sounded preposterous in the past. Content creation was one of the jobs that seemed impossible before, which has become a crucial tool in building brands.

Being a content creator may not be traditional, but it allows just as many opportunities as any other occupation—perhaps even more! From PewDiePie to Huda Kattan, the Internet is filled with individuals making their mark and spreading their influence. If you become famous enough and gain a substantial amount of followers, brands may even trust you to promote their products!

Working as a content creator sounds lucrative and profitable, doesn’t it? While it’s true that ordinary people have gotten fame and fortune from establishing their online presence on several social media platforms, it’s not easy to climb to the top, especially when many others are doing the same thing you are.

The TikTok Competition

Although Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are among the most popular platforms with the highest number of users, one app has been steadily rising in popularity over the years. TikTok is pretty new compared to its predecessors, but it has become one of the most important platforms to gain fame and promote brands.

With the app surpassing 2 billion global downloads by August 2020, it’s no wonder why many content creators, old and new, are flocking to the platform to get their fair share of exposure. If you’ve gained quite a bit of following and have signed a social media brand ambassador contract, then you’re well on your way to success, but not yet.

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How to Get More Tiktok Views?

Although it’s great that a company has entrusted you with its brand, you must uphold your end of the deal. To help the brand, you’re advocating for, you should promote their product or service to as many as possible. Unfortunately, with countless users vying for the public’s attention, getting the views, you need may seem impossible.

Whether promoting on TikTok is included in your brand ambassador agreement or not, you must get as many views as possible on the app. But, how do you stand out from the competition and rack up the numbers? Read on below to find out how:

1. Interact With Other Users

Collaboration is essential to getting more views on TikTok. When you interact with users and shoot a video together, you’ll get to garner views from your audience and their followers as well!

Making co-production videos is a great way to increase your views. With the right video, you can grow your audience! On the other hand, you can also tag a friend who has the same popularity as you or even tag more famous people. With this simple action, you can increase your views substantially.

2. Share Content With Your Community

The great thing about content creation is that your videos aren’t limited to the app. If you’ve gained a significant following on other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, we recommend sharing your TikTok profile or videos there, too. Through this strategy, you’ll get to integrate your fans for more popularity, increase visibility, and even get more collab agreements.

3. Follow Trends

There’s nothing like jumping on the bandwagon to acquire more fame! Following one trend can boost your career as a content creator, so you must catch these chances immediately when they happen. Trends come and go, which is why it’s crucial to follow the trend at just the right time.

4. Add Hashtags

Adding tags to your videos, as simple as it may seem, can help you become quite well-known!

If you carry out a viral musical or dancing challenge and hashtag the name of it, anyone who clicks on the hashtag will be able to watch your video as well, improving your possibility of gaining views.

Additionally, if the challenge is popular, being on the trending tag will help your video gain traction.

5. Use The ‘For You’ Page

You might have seen people tagging the ‘For You’ page. It is the platform’s primary page, where you’ll find new creators and videos tailored to your preferences based on what you’ve already seen.

If you routinely publish your content, a clip or two is likely to make it to the home page. Creators who already have a significant following on multiple social media like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook redirect their fans to their TikToks to draw their existing audience to it.

6. Regular Posting

The app has so much content; hence, posting regularly will almost certainly enhance your chances of earning those views, as your films will be more likely to be viewed and, as previously noted, shared on the ‘For You’ page.

7. Try Something Different Than Just Dance & Lip-Sync

It’s no surprise that TikTok viewers are drawn to a feed full of interesting, stylish, and fun content. Its wheels are driven by lip-syncing, dancing, and comedic performances. However, users are drawn to various themes, including sports, cuisine recipes, travel, DIYs, legal assistance, and more. The best example is Khaby Lame, who, with his mute videos, has become the No. 1 content creator on Tiktok.

The Wrap

Becoming like Bella Poarch or Addison Rae overnight is not as easy as it sounds, but it is possible! Although the competition is fierce on TikTok, you have a chance to shoot to fame just like those before you. As long as you follow our tips, you’ll surely land more brand ambassador agreements and become and can get more TikTok views! 

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Table of contents

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