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  • 200+ Contracts Ready to Use and Built to Save You Time and Money
  • 10+ Categories, Including Podcast, Film, Indie Music, Live Theater, Web-Series, Content Creators and More
  • Guided Form builder to Customize Your Contracts
  • eSignatures powered by HelloSign
  • Download Fully Completed PDF's
  • Project Briefcase with Free Storage and Organization
  • All written by experienced entertainment and media lawyers

"An Entertainment Lawyer in a Box"

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Creators' Legal takes care of the hard stuff, so you can focus on creating!

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We were founded with one thing in mind. To help creators protect themselves and build their business the right way. As a lawyer and advisor to content creators for over 20+ years I found that most creators don’t need lawyers, they just need to easily document deals. Lawyers mostly use standard contracts across industries. Over the course of my career, representing hundreds of filmmakers, musicians, authors, artists, etc. I saw far too many great ideas go wrong because of the lack of not just good contracts but any contracts at all. This leads to fights among collaborators, lack of the ability to monetize content and worse - courtroom battles over rights. With Creators’ Legal we have pulled back the curtain, making these contracts available to all creators. With the rise of the Creator Economy, it is a perfect time to make high level, quality contracts and legal solutions available to all creators at a reasonable price. Now, as a creator you can properly document deals, enhance your collabs, create confidently, grow your business and monitize your content. Stick with us, we are just getting started!I hope you join us in our mission to help all creators do business right.

"We Built Creators' Legal to Help Give Creators' Access to the Contracts and Deals they Could Never Get Before"

Eric Farber, Esq., Founder & CEO Creators' Legal


Creators' Legal offers piece of mind to Creators looking get Legal. Every one of our contracts was drafted by an experienced entertainment and media lawyer. In fact, many of the contract have been used by private and production lawyers for many years. However, we didn't just consult lawyers, our entire team is made up of people working directly from the creative arts.

We also consulted with dozens of creators in Film, Music, Digital Arts, Content Creating, Authors, Theater Producers, Podcasters and more. We designed Creators' Legal as not just a place to get contracts but as a full suite legal solution, with a guided form builder, eSignatures and a Project Management Briefcase which allows you to store and organize all your contracts.

Not only is this a tremendous all-in-one fully integrated platform with more than 150 ready-to-go Creator Contracts, but it is fast and efficient. Our customers average less than 6 minutes to build a contract from start to finish. A lawyer can't answer the phone in six minutes!

How Affordable?

How about less than $20 a contract? Unlimited Use Subscriptions for less than $10 a month!If you are a Filmmaker, Musician, Producer, Podcaster, Author, Artist, Theater Producer, Indie TV Producer, Digital Content Creator, or Influencer you cannot afford not to try this amazing new system.

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An All in One Platform Built Just for Creators!

The Average Lawyer in America charges over $350 an hour.
Over 200+ Creator Contracts
Average Time to Draft, Less than 6 Minutes!
Fully Integrated Platform with Secured and Encrypted eSignatures
Guided Form Builder and Word Editor
Secure Storage - Organize By Project
The Average Lawyer Drafted Contract costs more than $6900 from start to finish! $6900!
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Our Trusted Creator Economy Partners

Have Confidence, Save Time and Build Your Business

Each and every one of our agreements has been drafted by an experienced entertainment attorney with years of experience. Working in coordination with creators, we have the most relevant and useful contracts available.

Save Time

Most of our contracts can be completed in less than 6 minutes.

Better Contracts mean Better Relationships. Contracts aren't just about legal, they're about getting everyone on the same page from the beginning which helps you collaborate better and build your business!

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Creators' Legal helps you get what you need, when you need it in a fast, fully integrated system with over 150 Creator contracts, eSignatures and a Project Briefcase to keep all your projects stored and organized!

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What People Say!

"Using Creators has change the way I create content"

Rich Rubin

Actor, Producer,

and Voiceover Artist

"Creators Legal makes me feel protected and allows me to grow my content without expensive lawyers"

Arriana Jacchia

Co-Founder & CEO,


"Creators Legal makes collaborating easy. don´t have to worry that things aren´t taken care of. "

Ron Welty

Indie Musician.

Drummer of The Offspring


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Guided Form Builder

Customize Your Contracts through our fast and easy guided form builder.


Use our integrated secure and encrypted eSignature feature powered by HelloSign, one of the most trusted names in electronic signatures.


Add your Company Name at the Top of the Contract for a professional look and feel

Project Briefcase

Store and Organize all of your contracts and projects in your own personalized Project Briefcase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is difficult to fill the contracts?

We provide simple, straightforward, and trustworthy contracts for creators. We are a service to creators, filmmakers, musicians, web and social and other artists that provides simple, trustworthy and current legal documents for self-service. We do not provide legal advice. If you feel you need additional help, you should consult with an attorney.

  • What does Creators Legal do?

We provide creators with simple, straightforward, and trustworthy contracts in a fully integrated platform to help creates get deals documented fast and easy. We have industry standard contracts, a powerful form builder to help you customize your contracts, an eSignature system to get them signed and a Project Briefcase to help track all your contracts and keep them organized. We want to help creators of all kinds build their business.

What we don’t do is provide legal advice of any kind. We are not a law firm and are not a substitute for an attorney. If you feel you need additional help, you should consult with an attorney.

No, you do not need an account to start a contract and test out our system. However, if you want to use the contract or want to save it, you will have to create an account.

  • Do I need an account to build a contract?

Yes, you can customize the name of the contracts to make it easier to organize in your dashboard. Currently, you cannot customize the top of the agreement just yet. We are working on it. To customize the contract name for the dashboard you can change the name in the very first step of the form builder.

  • Can I customize the name of my contracts?

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